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Elections: as Nigeria stamps the world Elections: as Nigeria stamps the world
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2023-02-26 09:35:56
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Elections: as Nigeria stamps the world
By Taiye Olaniyi

Predictions or no predictions, prophecies or none of them, political weather forecasters, riggers, and trigger happy fingers, whatever happens, this coming election shall stamp and post Nigeria into nooks, crannies, and hearts of humanity.

Round and around the world, who you are, what you are, what and who we are past and present as Nigerians, shall again get rekindled in annals of history because our today's multifariousness of thoughts, words, and actions are a depiction of what our postage stamps help transmit into heaven or hell post offices.

For it is written that "Whose name is not found in the" Book of Life" shall have his or her soul cast in hellfire.

Our characters, attitudes, and behaviors toward God and fellowmen especially toward fellow Nigerians shall get us all stamped and posted to various destinations of our soul addresses.

Once upon a time, during precolonial, colonial, and immediate post-colonial eras, Nigerians were very hardworking and constructively had a glowing interplay with their environment to eke out living within the ambit of environmental resources.

Contentment guided by conscience made even their political involvements less cataclysmic than what we have this time of democracy plunging into demon crazy

Now that politics and religion or may I say now that religion and politics are the two main businesses as a man ordained, but, full of malpractices, it becomes difficult to fumigate, and sanitize Nigeria from the pangs of corruption.

From the stages of the electoral process, elections, the voting ever always spiced with rigging including the digging of graves for enemies and the innocents, where anchors the hope of better life for fellow Nigerians?

Who then would salvage Nigeria from economic. morass and political despondency?

These attitudes, the behavior we project, and actions taken during and post-election fallouts like postage stamps shall transmit us all from one post office of life or the other and get us recorded in the "Book of Life" or are thrown into the lake of fire.

On this note fellow debaters, proponents, and opponents including our panel of judges, these 2023 elections when conducted, when winners win by hook or crook, time losers lose by fire by faya, and finally, the time prophecies prove the drunken prophets right or wrong,

The question is, where would you spend your eternity fixing yourself as a Nigerian and putting and leaving it the way you are opportune to meet it?

Will Nigeria glow and glitter or blow, aflame during this time?

When the time comes you and I shall be the postage stamp taken around the world as a story of life.

Funny enough, Time will tell, Time will tell, Time will always tell.

God Bless Nigeria.


Taiye Olaniyi, a retired Postman of the Nigeria Postal Service, is based in Lagos.

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