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Disobedience At The Top Disobedience At The Top
by Jan Sand
2023-02-23 09:41:45
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I have a mind that does not mind.
It thinks it thinks in ways I think
But I find I do not mind it strays
With thoughts of quite other kind,
Thoughts that wind with the wind
That whirls with worlds I find unpinned
So rapidly, haphazardly, undefined
In intents, so strangely bent with increments
That leave me with no defense.
Daylight days wherein I’m dazed
With phases blazed in contemplation.
Epiphanies from Tiffany’s, on my knees
In inspiration, dripping with perspiration,
Whom to please in desperation, crazed,
Amazed I drop with a plop
While my head retreats to dreams.
Crypts and crags inhabited by hags
Is where my sleep is domiciled.
Dark and deep, agonized and wild
Clicking arthropods carpet the floor,
A Gehenna of antennae waving
With a craving out of menace, mandibles
To grip and grind the concepts
Flooding from my mind.
Thus by night as by day
Insists in arcane display
Of matters that obey
A monstrous Poe attitude,
Shirking joys to annoy delights
In ploys with toys of blights
That might destroy a lesser grip
On this wild trip through life.
But wonders of this universe
Can with casual device
Shatter the dark perverse
With a simple smile, the guile
Of rustling leaves and summer skies,
A whistling chickadee to surprise
The gift of sight with open eyes.

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