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To march every year To march every year
by Amir Khatib
2023-01-23 09:35:51
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 When the rose turns into a cannon
 And ants to guard legions
 I sit by the window
 Watch the yellowing of tree leaves
 A hole around me
 Or I go around it
 Candles captivate me
 When it struts with her flames
 My mouth was drenched in saliva
 Watch her indifferently
 I look forward to her slim body
 Intoxicated by her endless dances
 Holes multiplied all around me
 spin spin
 And I don't care
 Autumn is definitely coming
 And you will fall staggering
 those papers
  With my dry mouth
 And my slow moving blood
 Legions of ants wait


Art installation by Amir Khatib

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