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Identity & Occupation: Child Identity & Occupation: Child
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2022-11-26 08:20:46
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The shocking case of the rap, sexual abuse and exploitation of an unfortunate 12-year-old girl by a 53-year-old man in Colonos, Greece; motivated an extremely moving social awareness song for the minor victims of sexual abuse.

You can watch the video HERE: https://youtu.be/LorVgMeIA-0


"Identity and Occupation: Child" is the very inventive and emotionally charged title of the creation, which in a particularly poetic mood was inspired and edited lyrically by the charismatic young writer and poet, Konstantinos Tsakalakis, over a musical composition by the also young and extremely talented performer and composer, George Houvardas , whose soulful interpretation tenderly tugs at the listener's sensitivity, awakening very strong emotions.

In this unique way, the two creators address their song to the unfortunate 12-year-old but indirectly to all abused children, urging them to reach beyond the darkness of those who treat them brutally, find some light and ask for help, giving them also the hopeful message that at the end that they will be saved!


lyrics: Konstantinos Tsakalakis
Music: George Houvardas

Orchestration & Piano: Vassilis Goritsas
Guitar: George Houvardas
Violin: Marios Ivan Papoulias
Contrabass: Teo Lazarou

Recording – Mixing: Sotiris Zeliaskopoulos (AntArt Studios)
Mastering: Nikos Mermigas (AntArt Studios)

Video Direction & Editing: Ioannis Koulousis
Assistant Director: Kyriakos Persidis


ΟΣΟΙ ΕΝΔΙΑΦEΡΟΝΤΑΙ, ΤΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ ΣΤΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΜΠΟΡΕΙΤΕ ΝΑ ΤΟ ΒΡΕΙΤΕ ΕΔΩ: https://ovigreek.wordpress.com/2022/11/25/%cf%84%ce%b1%cf%85%cf%84%cf%8c%cf%84%ce%b7%cf%84%ce%b1-%ce%ba%ce%b9-%ce%b5%cf%80%ce%ac%ce%b3%ce%b3%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%bc%ce%b1-%cf%80%ce%b1%ce%b9%ce%b4%ce%af/


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