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UnMa(u)sked UnMa(u)sked
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-11-25 08:25:23
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In the near future, will come a day when Trump’s rise and fall will be taught in colleges and universities – if it hasn’t already started – and it will be taught in connection with contemporary social media. Donald Trump for more than a decade master manipulated social media to the point that he was awarded supreme power in the most powerful nation on earth and control over the rue of history.

However, whilst social media undoubtedly helped his rise, they also are partly responsible for his fall and this is a lesson contemporary Tramps don’t seem to learn; Elon Musk to name the major one.

Elon Musk masked his political affiliations and ambitions for long time with his quirky/uncomfortable/unfunny humour in odd tweets that made only for Trump to like and smirk – taking in account that the orange man is incapable to smile. But masked or not reality was there and the day Trump became president of USA, masks fallen and we all saw what really Elon Musk wants, ambitions, dreams, his ultimate aim, and that was/is to become ...Donald Trump in the place of Donald Trump.

Oddly, Elon Musk has a lot of real life similarities with Donald Trump. A not so well hidden self-centre narcissist, know-it-all mythomaniac, who actually believes his self-made millionaire stories. Just like Donald Trump he was daddy-made millionaire and the best not-so-secret part of all this is that Elon Musk heritage and ‘self-made/daddy-made millions’ have a lot to do with an emerald mine in Zambia and doing business with apartheid South Africa.

Just like Fred Trump (Donald’s father), Errol Musk (Elon’s father),  kept a low public profile but stories constantly leaked which connect both seniors with money laundry, financial scams and racism. And whilst in Fred’s case racism presumably was limited to his ...colour preference when renting or selling property, Errol made money through apartheid and mining which leaves a lot to presume and be said. A lot!

You might say that neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs – since we are in the high technology area – born in poverty and they both had plenty of parenthood financial support in their beginnings, however, both Gates and Jobs were geniuses and they proved it repeatedly. Elon Musk just had plenty of cash flow to move into already established high technology companies, founded by geniuses – not him - absorb them occasionally violently and making them part of his self-made myth of the visionary technology genius self-made millionaire. But hey, this is capitalism and this is the game with myths part of it.

But having an idea on their real background also gives a perspective on the ideals Donald and Elon grew up. Authoritarian, despotic, self-cantered fathers with little to none regard to human life that didn’t march their ill stereotypes and principals, including the believe that everything and everybody has a price tag including love and loyalty. These two cold-hearted, callous, opportunists fathers and their financial success put somehow the foundations for their sons’ future. And with Donald Trump with all saw it spectacularly publicly. A racist, homophobe and fascist with low empathy and intellect who took over the US presidency and when he lost it he tried to stage a coup.

Even unconsciously, Elon Musk identifies himself with Donald Trump. His narcissism wants him to have what Donald had and more; far more. However and endangering to repeat myself, while there are some similarities between Bill Gates/ Steve Jobs and Donald Trump/Elon Musk, there is also a huge disparity, the first two were/are geniuses! Donald Trump has repeatedly proved that he’s NOT and Elon ...remains to be seeing but the first signs leaning more to NOT.

So stand on his ...Trumpian genius, Elon thought that buying Twitter will give him the presidency just like it did – or at least that’s what he believes – with Trump. And he paid for that US$44 billion! Elon Musk thinks that US Presidency costs US$44 billion!

What a normal person should have done if he wanted to show goodness? Let’s see; to start with eliminate poverty and homeless in USA. Help eliminated poverty and hunger globally. But this Elon Musk and what Elon did? He removed Trump’s ban from Twitter and censored/blocked anybody who dares criticize him and his decisions all ....in the name of free speech and democracy.

I think Sara Palin, was the one who gave the best example of the connection between social media and real popularity last week. While on the losing side of the elections in Alaska and in a very angry tweet she pointed that it was impossible to have fewer votes than ...followers in twitter missing just like Trump, Musk and so many others the point. Followers in social media don’t really mean voters in real life. Think of it, I follow Sarah Palin not because I have anything common with her believes but because her stupidity often makes me smile, she is entertaining in a trash way, but I would never vote for her, actually it is impossible for me  to vote of her, I have no right to vote for her, I’m NOT American citizen. Still she used my “following” as an argument for not winning. For the same reasons I also followed in the past Donald Trump - entertaining in a trash way  - and for the same reasons I could never vote for him. Still he often says that he ...won the elections because he has nearly 89 million ...followers! The key word here and obviously the one Trump is missing is ...globally with no right to vote!

Elon Musk also and just like Donald Trump, believes that voting in a privilege for the few, a reflection to the colour of their skin and the zeros of their bank account with the obligation to ...warship him, follow and bent to him and his self-made mythological cult. 2020 and 2022 elections proved that this is wishful thoughts of authoritarian fascists, Ted Cruz and a few other Republicans. Furthermore and since 2020, social media proved that they can also be a nemesis, the same way they were an asset.

While Trump’s followers created a MAGA cult in social media, action brought reaction and a wave of often apocalyptic trues came out for Don, demolishing the myth and showing the real face of an authoritarian conman which made the average voter, even the moderate conservative, feel disgusted and repelled from the MAGA movement under any circumstances; even if that meant voting for Joe Biden.

But Elon’s narcissism doesn’t let him see all that, just like it doesn’t let him see that soon there will be no deference between Trump’s “True Media” and Twitter with the waves of poisonous MAGA trolls full of racism, prejudice, discrimination and all kind of phobias, raving the pathways of the certain social media making tsunamis of Twitter-refuges moving to faraway alternatives.

Donald Trump set a very dangerous presented for psychotic fascist narcissists with money and ambitions and let’s hope that his fall will also be part of the pattern.

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