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Acting on freedom of opinion Acting on freedom of opinion
by Amir Khatib
2022-09-29 08:19:19
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I can express my opinion because I have lived and worked in Europe for more than thirty years, and when you live in a country or geographical area for more than half your life, you understand a lot.

During these years, I knew that the West, as a bloc, was affiliated in one way or another with American philosophy, that is, America is the only denominator of all of Europe.  Beginning with the American dialect and not ending with scandalous pragmatism, which does not contain the slightest sense of humanity, the traditional American individual only intends to free his pocket and fill it with money that he does not want to think about its sources.

I said at the beginning of the conflict that recently broke out between Russia and Ukraine, I said in more than one situation, what is meant by this war is Europe, meaning to weaken Europe.  Today, it has become a matter of fate for the European peoples who alone pay the bill for the war. The world, or in other words, the 38 Western countries, are the ones who support and support this war, “and not all of them” at the end of which, the parties will sit down and agree to draw up a new road plan between them, or it will become a total war of extermination.  .

My very simple question, who benefits in such a war, because if we calculate the profit and the loss, we feel the losses in Europe alone, yes, only Europe pays the bill for this war, as for the little that comes from America's arsenal of old devices that are no longer usable  , which America throws from time to time to Ukraine.

Yes, in my deep belief that the only target in this war is Europe. The value of the dollar and the ruble rose insanely high. Today, the euro is equivalent to 97 cents with the dollar, and 56 rubles is the Russian currency, which has started to recover day after day, while the euro has been waived and smaller and  Who knows to what extent inflation will reach in Europe in the next few months.

Consumer prices have taken a crazy rise, basic foodstuffs have risen by almost 50%, at the same time, the income has not changed at all.  In my knowledge of all the ends of the world, we have lost Russian tourism, which used to reach more than a million tourists annually, as well as the Russian market, but we have created an enemy that is eternal neighbors where geography cannot be changed.

I call for contemplation, patience, and calculating matters with reason, not with enthusiasm and emotional rush behind America. Yes, there are many common interests between Europe and America, but issues must be resolved with reason, and this passion and enthusiasm that European governments have in mobilizing people only leads to losses  More, and after this regret did not help.

America does not recognize the world, but is considered the center of the world, and we had heard George Bush who called Europe the old continent, America destroyed the world, including the country in which it was born and raised, where the level of shallowness reached the most extreme.  It pays attention to itself, and it should not succumb to the clear American goals. Yes, Europe is the goal of this war

Europe is the real target of this war

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