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When the memory fades When the memory fades
by Amir Khatib
2022-09-16 07:44:48
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Once I somehow tried to define homeland. Homeland is the tenderness our mothers gave us; it is the cold winter next to the warm stove and a cup tea waiting to go to school, it is running and playing with friends, it is that cart at the school door with the good seller who packs eggs and vegetables in bread and give them to us with a smile.

Homeland is all the memories of childhood.

And it is all the memories collected and stuffed in our head with or without our will. It is memories inserted to our conscious or unconscious from time to time and we do retrieve them, reflect the joyful moments more often than the painful ones. We bring back the rectangle of the contemplation in the buildings, the faces and events that passed and have solidified or calcified us; that have become thin layers of us that sometimes are difficult to browse through.

 Among those memories, Yassin Ghaleb clutches and carries them with sincerity, joy and burdened. He carries them on all his long personal life journeys, a life that took him to the farthest point in the north of this earth.

He keeps them with great pride and he calls them his ‘photographic memory’ while talking to me about them and it was like the memories could take life and live with us that very moment, doesn’t matter where we were.  Yassin Ghaleb’s ‘photographic memories’ are alive pulsing with life and nostalgia.

The first part in his ‘photographic memories’ is hold by his childhood; a childhood that formed his thoughts, his visions for the future. Time never stopped, deriving for help, love and all the radiance from his moments, moments that he documented with great love and full confidence in a very conscious youth.

 The old Basra palaces, -palaces of Saddam Hussein, the apostles, the breathtaking scenery of the marshes region in southern Iraq, Basra, strongly attached to his memory, never absent, never forgotten.

 In his recent photographic exhibition in Helsinki, at the Helsinki Public Library in Pasila, Yassin Ghalib exhibited a collection of 35 colour photographs.

During my visit he told me that his collection on the subject include a lot more photographs, he intends to show them in large sizes and display them all around Europe if possible, because the beauty of Iraq, which sadly has been ignored and absent from the malicious media making him feeling obliged to introduce to as many people as possible to that beauty.

I do strongly share his opinion and his photographic works, his ‘photographic memories’ are stunning and do deserve to stand out in high level and a place that knows how to appreciate their true value.

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