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Another Age Another Age
by Nikos Laios
2022-09-17 07:27:31
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In the early dawn 
They flew into the sun 
Steel squadrons 
Filled with a terrible 
Whirring humming 
Bullets and bombs
Shattered glass
And twisted steel 
Spattered with blood 
Smoke and oil slicks
Burning flames
And chemical spills
The groans and cries
Of fighting men  
Filled the skies
The burning ships
And decks.

That was so 
Long ago 
And the young 
Then paid 
A terrible price
For freedom,
Whereas the young 
Today post clips
On TikTok
And preen for selfies
Covered in piercings 
And tattoos,
But that was 
Another age.


With a digital painting from Nikos Laios


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