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Hybrid shadows Hybrid shadows
by Amir Khatib
2022-09-19 07:03:38
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Maple trees drop their fruit without decency or remorse,
 on the banks of blind, troubled waters,
 thundering among the deserted rocks,
 like a naive tale years ago...
 There we know very well, how short our ages are,
 and how passion is necessary,
 and a fertilizer for the next spring's flowers.

  Hybrid shadows remind the earth of what it was before,
  She sprouted what was once upon her,
  We are led to believe that nothing is new.
  What we see today, it was before!
  Have you heard more misleading misleading than this?
  We know that flowers give their virginity,
  Like virgins for once
  Blessed poke of joy that cannot be repeated.



The painting is Amir Khatib's creation. 

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