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Zombifying legacies and a King Zombifying legacies and a King
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-09-10 08:09:47
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The Queen is dead, long live king Charles III, Liz Truss-es Britannia and Margaret Thatcher is long gone. This somehow summarizes the soul of events the last few days in Britain.

Doesn’t matter what you believe, a pro-monarchy or a raving anti-monarch, Elisabeth II was a major figure in the history of the 20th century for good or bad and her passing is like the end of a book -not just a chapter, in global history. And she will be remembered as that.

However, there is a lot to remember from her, from her stand during the difficult times for Britain after WWII and her constant unifying spirit to her vicious opposition to Cyprus independence, her opposition to enforce any kind of restrictions against the South African apartheid, witnessing India’s and Pakistan’s independence to her lack of empathy on Diana’s death. Yet, there she was. She was there with Winston Churchill, with Margaret Thatcher, with Tony Blair, even with Boris Johnson. She was there when UK entered the European Economic Community and she was there when Theresa May sighed Brexit.

For 70 years she was there for Britain and the British people and this is something nothing good or bad can take from her. That’s why she's part of both, British history and global history.

While Queen Elisabeth always tried to keep an apolitical neutral attitude, respecting the government doesn’t matter Conservative or Labour, king Charles III despite his 73 years in the spotlight as the prince heir with his sometimes questionable attitude towards political decisions of the governments, is still a question-mark and worry for many, especially for the right side here and there of the Atlantic ocean. The global establishment, especially the right and conservative establishment, likes a neutral ruler for Britain, not one with environmental worries or pity for the poor and not privilege, something rather… socialist for them. Plus - and that's noticeable - Charles had some personal and economic scandals that put a very grey shadow over his neutrality.

On top of that a well kept secret in UK is the real power the monarch carries and is definitely not limited to appearances and speeches, as a former Tory MP and well know author, Jeffrey Archer, has often pointed: In front of a national or global crisis the monarch has the last and most define word. And that has made a lot not to sleep well lately. It also leaves some hints on their determination (especially with leaks to the media) to have Charles retire - dut to age - for the sake of a… new generation which oddly and coincidentally has already shown affiliation to more conservative attitudes.

The new king also inherited a fresh Prime Minister, Liz Truss. And while question-marks remain about the 73 year-old king there is no mystery about 47 year-old Liz. Liz Truss is a mediocre among equal mediocres that occupy the front benches of the Conservative Party the last few years. Another bad clown in Boris Johnson’s circus cabinets who reached the front pages when she became Minister for Women and Equalities in September 2019. Past public triumphs include cheating on her husband with another Torry MP. Except that and following Boris dogma, she’s populist often leaning to the far-right, closet homophobe and xenophobe with authoritarian preferences that she hides under a loud and public admiration for Margaret Thatcher.

Amazing when you hear British politicians, Prime Ministers or candidate PM preferably women Prime Ministers declaring their admiration to Margaret thatcher swearing that they are going to follow her steps without making clear which steps. The destruction of the economy? The dramatic rise of unemployment, the dooming of the North, the inflation, her lack of empathy for the poor and suffering or her support to racist and authoritarian regimes?

No, both Theresa May and obviously now Liz Truss have resurrect a zombie that projects their authoritarian instincts. A Margaret Thatcher literally from Iron, who’s like Joan of Arc, beating all Britain’s ‘enemies’, mainly EU, become superpower in the seven seas and the skies and probably re-establish sovereignty on the old colonies.

Margaret thatcher was the Iron Lady, a tough negotiator and a nationalist with many mistakes but who served well her nation in the peak of the cold war, the new economic environment and the global recession that was coming. If Margaret Thatcher could be alive and active today she wouldn't be much better or worst than Boris Johnson. Actually and taking in account her corruption when it was coming to her son, Mark Thatcher, and her inhuman lack of empathy, she would have been much worst than Boris. In conclusion every time I hear somebody, mainly British female Prime ministers, saying how much they admire Margaret Thatcher and how much they want to be like her I sense their thirst to become authoritarian bitches with no regard of the people’s needs and the constitution.

However, now we have a new zombify legacy added. The one of Queen Elisabeth II and this one is going to haunt King Charles III.

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