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Flow Flow
by Jan Sand
2022-09-14 08:06:31
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An hourglass can catch time’s pass
As well as growing of the grass,
But grain by grain does not sustain
To perpetuate the flowing long.
Eternity’s an endless song.
All things come, touch, and go
To leave behind gifts to bestow
With qualities quite transient,
Nothing static, most erratic,
A process consistent, automatic.
Stars condense, suns explode
Forests sprout, mountains erode,
Whole continents shift and drift
This planet whereon we exist
Has doubts it can, at length, persist.
Time erects, connects, destroys.
But there’s a strategy it employs
Whatever wreckage left behind is used
In new creative innovation in biology,
Spinning tapestries in chronology.
This is how humanity has lost.
Obliterate absent sense of cost.
Upturn its world capsized, sterilized,
And scorch its very breath
To inhale life and exhale death.


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