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Silver Snail Trails Silver Snail Trails
by Leah Sellers
2022-08-02 08:10:29
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It’s a Climate Changey
Possibly Planetary Derangey
107 degrees Fahrenheit
Sweat wringing
Summer’s Day
As I cross the sidewalk
I stop
I balk
At the Ziggy-Zaggy
Crooked and at times
Straightforward and Scraggly
Shiny Silver Snail Trail
That captures my gaze
In a Beautifully Patterned
Steamy Haze
Beneath the Sun’s percolating blaze
I learned today
That the Bean Snail has gone Extinct
They were Here
And then Gone with
And in
A Blink
Silver Snail Trails and Extinctions
Are enough to make you Think
About Humankind and their Distinctions
Regarding the Purposeful
And UnPurposeful Annihilations
Of just such Populations
Including OurSelves
Hmmm’s and Haaaa’s and Hesitations
Intended and UnIntended Reservations
Consequentialities within InConsequentialities
Amidst Expansions and Contractions
Attentions and Distractions
I bend and gently
Pick the Snail up
By its
Simply Complex
Spiraling Shell
It’s Portable Home
In which they roam
These fascinating
Amazingly Flexible
And Adaptive Creatures
Older than Humanity, ItSelf
And yet, the Eldest of them All
The Bean Snail
As far as Humanity Knows
Is Simultaneously
Consequentially and InConsequentially Extinct
There is usually
A Push within a Pull
And a Pull within a Push
Balance is a very Statically Kinetic
And Kinetically Static
State of Being
Whether we’re Aware of that Being
Or not
Well, this little Silver Trail Making Snail
Is not Forgot
Within this
Moment in Time
I place the Snail
Under the Shade of a water distressed Oak
Under a cluster of faintly green Grass
All other grass is as golden brown
And crunchy, scruntchy as Hay
Adding to the Feeling
Of blistering Heat
Which Beats, and Beats and Beats
Down upon Humanity
All Flora and All Fauna
Upon our Planet
In this Place in Time and Space
This small Silver Trail Making Snail
Is a
Microcosm within a Macrocosm
It’s Life’s Energies and Ancestral Histories
At times
A Macrocosm within a Microcosm
As are We All
As is All
Even when it DisAppears
Into No-Thing
At All
Or a New-Thing
Of Transformative Awe
But with furrowed brow
I Continue My Walk


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