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A dying Frankenstein monster called EU - Part I A dying Frankenstein monster called EU - Part I
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-08-01 09:16:08
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In a very twisted way the situation in the European Union the last five-six-ten years at least, brings in mind complains we see too often reach the British headlines about the ...unfair treatment of the British visitors to EU after Brexit; forcing them into endless passport controls or checking their legal ability to visit the Union. Reading these complains definitely gives you a smile but also desperation and sadness over people's inability to understand the conciseness of huge decisions that will influence millions’ lives based on things expecting miraculously to happen on their own found in wishing-lists and not in reality. 

Brexit meant full control over the British boarders with EU, as it was in their wish-list, but also meant that British citizens become part of the outsiders list for the EU boarder controls. No more free pass and open boarders’ policy, computer checks and huge cues both ways.

However, this is exactly where surrealism reaches schizophrenia; when the very same British media headline angry editorials about the lack of... stricter passport controls and checks on European’s legal ability to visit Britain. This passport schizophrenia concludes in one sentence how little the British people, the British media, even the British politicians understood Brexit. People, media and politicians in UK found and built a Brexit opera over a self-centred wishing list with very little realism included, conclusively getting into a messy situation with often seriously damaging economic, social and political results. A random confusion between what we-wish-to-be-true and what we-want-to-be-true with sporadic traces of realism included.

Sill, while Brexit makes a good example for a surreal and schizophrenic geopolitical situation it is the European Union that fully lives it, failing its founders and cheating its citizens. The European Union was founded over dreams and hopes. Dreams for a future independent and self-sufficient economic, social and defence united continent, a superpower among superpowers and hopes for an economic strong continent, champion of human rights and a decisive player into global politics.

These were the dreams and hopes when it all started something over sixty years ago. 2022 and all these dreams and hopes sound more like old men thoughts and prayers in their exclusive country club while smoking Cubans and drink their malt scotch. Just like Brexit sounded twenty years ago. In 2022, the European Union has become Frankenstein’s monster with parts that often contradict and fight each other and its foundations, while standing still in a tsunami of international crisis. Just like Brexit looks today, especially after Boris Johnson pass from Downing Street.

The first blood was drawn with the 1993 Maastricht Treaty when exceptions established over the founded criteria for the first time, to satisfy local political agendas (oddly it was Thatcher’s pro-Brexit agenda). The first deep wound came in 2004 when the Union mass expanded to countries that didn’t fulfil even the basic criteria that guarded a democratic partnership, like independent judicature, freedom of press, and respect to equality, among many others.

Countries like Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia or Lithuania should have remain into a waiting list at least for another ten years until they could fix (under stern observation) seriously anti-democratic handicaps they had. But Germany and France needed the euro; their expanding economies needed the new currency, so ...criteria ignored and countries in the edge of authoritarianism like Hungary crossed the entrance gates of the Union with the Orbanian consequences for the whole partnership in view today.

During the Syrian refugee crisis in 2011 EU only answer and solution was to bribe a questionable local authoritarian, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan, so Turkey could turn into a host country for the millions escaping the war in Syria and ISIS; giving a known conman the chance to upgrade a con into a blackmail using the refugees who were dreaming a pathway to Europe for more and more and more bribes ...of course! This was the moment inability to act, questionably transform the problem to somebody else and hiding in front a crisis became the new dogma for EU.

In between all that and with USA deeply hurt from Trumpism and in an isolationism mood, EU had the chance to become a beacon of peace and international human rights protector but by doing literally nothing left Putin establish Russia as an energy superpower and Xi’s China the dominant superpower in the east. And while many might blame Trump for all that, EU’s share and responsibility is equally huge with the European media in full support in the name of some kind of unclear superior neutrality. Ignoring, dodging and inaction, despite to what many might believe, it is an ....action. Especially while one crisis unveils after the other.

The surrealism and the schizophrenia I was talking about in the beginning that reminds so much how British politicians and media perceived Brexit. The EU leadership stated its wish-list expecting things to happen just because EU is the third biggest economy in the world ...when things run normally. But they are not. And EU cannot deal with these contemporary abnormalities. It either ignores them or pretends that don’t happen looking somewhere else.

For years EU has left Viktor Orbán exhibit his xenophobic, often racist, homophobic and definitely authoritarian characteristics with rare very political correct remarks and nothing more hoping that somehow will all magically disappear and Viktor will miraculously become a good democrat. Well it didn’t happen and last week Viktor Orbán openly talked about ...pure Hungarians while pointing how mixed races - due to immigration - destroy nations in Europe. What Europeans felt good to point? The far-right conservatism of the US Supreme Court!

And yes the US Supreme Court has shown extreme conservatism and yes its attitude is reprehensible but the US Supreme Court is not part of the European decision making, Viktor Orbán is. A Viktor Orbán who unfortunately for Hungary, makes the country’s EU membership reprehensible but also the whole European Union accountable.

However, Viktor Orbán is neither the exception nor the rule, he is part of the contemporary Frankenstein monster called EU and this has somehow to change very soon otherwise there will be no EU anymore and surrealistically, schizophrenically and ironically Brexit will have won!

To be continue.

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