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CHORUS of CHOICES - In 10 Notes CHORUS of CHOICES - In 10 Notes
by David Sparenberg
2022-07-27 08:38:13
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One: Earth is in danger.  We are the source of Earth’s endangerment. Troubles are real.  Consequences are rapidly becoming global reality.

Two: Each person living on this Living Earth must take a clear, unwavering stand, standing in responsibility and raising an alerting voice.

Three: Individual voices need to become a global chorus—the chorus of human choices.

Four: Often people will need to overcome obstructions and resistances of selfishness for the sake of species and planet—for continuance into future generations of inclusionary justice.

Five: From solitude of awakening to solidarity of commitment, the chorus of choices must (and truly must) become a change of direction, volte-face, a different, redefining course of action.

Six: How we exist in our estrangement is cause of the trauma, is at the root of Earth Crisis.  Resources for solutions await empowerment into how we can, appropriately and in a union of affirmation, yet become.  How do we emerge out of our complex of domination-subjugation and exploitation into a dignity bestowing Existential Ecosophy?

Seven: Beyond illusions and limitations of market materialism, can eco-empathic decisions define, turnabout, and free us and future generations from us and the fatal heritage of the past?

Eight: Individually voices call for union.  We unite to enable action.  We act to empower conditional changes.

Nine: Do we dare not meet this challenge?  Do we dare not do the work of necessity?  How dare we not!

Ten: Indifference provides no safety.  Failure is not an option, extinction is not reversable. The choice is between the atavistic inclusiveness of self-fulfillment as eco-empathy and the blackhole of extinction.  The choice is of choices and the choice is in the making at every place, in every hour, minute, of sentient presence.


David Sparenberg is author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations on Eco Spirituality in the Earth Spirit Series (Moon Books).  An international essayist and eco-poet, David lives in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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