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Putin's Ukraine War: Who Committed the Greatest Sin of All? Putin's Ukraine War: Who Committed the Greatest Sin of All?
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-06-23 08:18:53
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When the Ukraine War is finally frozen into a sporadic shelling across demarcation lines, a reminder that it still exists, pundits will begin to expand the roles of guilty parties.

They will analyze the who, what, when, where, and why it all transpired. Yet unable to wipe out the horrific images and narratives of Ukraine's victims. The pundits will also rate the crimes and tag the blame on those responsible.  Who committed the greatest sins of this war?

I say, why wait until then, let's do it now:

Who should we blame for all the disgusting atrocities of Putin's War against Ukraine?

There's no doubt, the immediate blame should be directed at Putin and his insatiable Lust for historical significance and armed with a narcissistic, sadistic claw against any obstacle. Yes, totally delusional, but simple in its own verdict of Russian success: Destroy, Conquer and Rule the Rubble left over.

ukra001_400A nation of lies, within its lies. Putin knows no other way to behave. A Pure Predator. Hitler would have been proud of his mass killings. But like Hitler, he also bunkered and did not pull the triggers in Ukraine.

So then, is it the subjects below the dictator, extending to the foot soldiers who execute all living things under the guise of orders? Are they most responsible for the atrocities?

There are the Generals, who merely reflect a system that prefers the Rule of Fear within its total military structure. Lackeys to their master and slaves to position reckoning. Their role has no role besides that of "man servant" to the leader.

In 2014 during the Battle of Ilovaisk, the Russian Military taught the Ukrainians a hard lesson: "Never Trust the Russians!"

Once the retreating Ukrainian forces were well into their agreed upon ceasefire corridor. The Russian artillery, including from inside Russia, opened fire on the Ukrainians. Over 400 Ukrainian soldiers were slaughtered with that betrayal. Nothing has changed in 2022. That is the inbred character of the Russian leadership.

As for the soldiers, they  perform  to the best of their training and leadership, as well as their instilled parents' moral values. All subject to spin cycles of cavernous lies. Hard to maintain any moral base under these circumstances. So the obvious.

Early on we all heard the stories, "They raped me in front of my 8 year old son…"

Pregnant mothers, old/young, men/women….children, it made no difference. Torture, Rape, and Deaths ruled the days. Still does. And all the civilians deaths, mass graves…

What greater sin can there be than raping and killing a 9 year old girl. Surely there must be a special Hell for those atrocities.

There is. But even they are not the most guilty. The pumped up adrenalin of war knows no master besides the violent rage to release its inner beast.

Yes, they are guilty of the most vile sins on planet earth. But no, not them either. They are not the greatest sinners; just another class of  animals succumbing to instinct.

So, who else is left, you ask? Allow me…

The greatest sin was/is still being committed by the Freedom Loving Western Democracies!

Yes! Believe it and Admit it! Not admitting it only compounds the guilt.

So let's expose the West's myth of support:

It began with the initial statement once the invasion started, "No U.S. or NATO troops on the ground!"

That simple statement issued Putin a hunting license, and a torture license. It enabled Putin's butchery.

Yes, the Russian invaders are all to blame for the sinful atrocities but the greatest blame still lies with the West. Because they know the difference of what is right and what is wrong, or so we thought.

Spinning it any which way cannot hide the fact that we saw and heard about all the atrocities that were being reported in Ukraine and yet, the West could not bring it upon themselves to step in and stop the next child from being raped or killed. Shame on them all.

They all know better, they all know what they didn't do.

Unfortunately it's Putin that is claiming the narrative throughout this war: No, Ukraine does not need to strike into Russia to win the war. Just destroy all their military bases in Ukraine would be a start...

But the West flinched each time Putin threatened.

Label it any way you wish: Biden (USA), NATO, All of Europe…. all Democracies. We are all supposed to be better than the Cowardness displayed by the Free World….

That, now infamous, phrase: "Never Again!" became "Again, Never Again!"…and again, and again…Having betrayed itself on a yesterday long ago….short of Courage.

Imagine a woman being tortured and raped by two thugs. The husband, instead of throwing himself at the two thugs to defend her, he hands his wife a knife and pepper spray and then steps back and gives directions on how to use it.

Not enough of a disturbing scene. Make the man a father and the rape victim a child, his daughter. What kind of soul watches and does not step in to stop such an atrocity?

Yet, in the 3+ months of war, that is what the West did: they supplied weapons (too little, too late), instructed soldiers and told them to go out and fight OUR common enemy. The True Test: the West did nothing to stop the Genocide, the next innocent child's death…..

Ukraine will eventually win the war as soon as the West realizes that the only way to drive the Russians out of Ukraine, is by destroying their military bases in Ukraine with long range cruise and ballistic missiles and not just the shorter ranged MLRS systems. Send missiles that can be launched from western Ukraine into Donbas' and Crimean military bases.

But so far, Biden and the West have still refused to send Ukraine such weapons, always lagging in True support. The Fear of Fear still rules over the West. So more children will die before that happens….

We all see What Price Ukrainian Glory holds and we will thank all Ukrainians for their Sacrifice and Bravery.

But, the mirror also reveals a lot if one is Brave enough to seek out the Truth. Will we be Brave enough to admit our sins?

We'll see……(What a "Free World" allows itself to believe.)

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