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I Don't Suppose I Don't Suppose
by Jan Sand
2022-06-23 08:18:45
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I don’t suppose it’s popular to say
That soon this planet won’t
Have any place to stay where we
Can avoid the heat or not drown
Or have a glass of water to drink.
I would think everyone in town
Might become a bit upset, chew a lip
Or fret their kids could not get
A place to live outside of Mars
Where there’s hardly any air and the trip
Is quite expensive, accommodations
Not extensive, dust storms all the time,
And certainly, no place to swim.
No doubt, there’s no traffic problem yet
But jobs may be difficult to get and the scenery
Seems totally devoid of any greenery.
The price of vegetables or a glass of wine
May be something of a problem.
I would, of course enjoy the lack of bedbugs
And such nuisances but considering their ingenuity
And flair for travel, no doubt,
They would soon be there.
Considering the lack of familiar community
They might be a comfort in familiarity
Or, perhaps, soon,
I should consider the Moon.


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