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Watching from the other side of the Atlantic Watching from the other side of the Atlantic
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-06-18 07:16:13
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Watching things happening and unveiling this last decade in USA, socially and politically, and from the other side of the Atlantic, I often get a weird and perilous -definitely unsettling- feeling, that the most powerful nation on earth has become irrational, unpredictable and even scarier after the fall of Donald Trump.

All that despite the fact that – as the present Democrat’s administration often reminds us – democracy prevailed and everything is marching back to normal; well, normal under the circumstances (wars, pandemics, inflation) of course. A Democrat’s administration that even though won in the elections atrocious Donald Trump, seems numb and often beaten from a – surprise surprise – deep state of white supremacist rednecks, religious fanatics, fascist juridical and security forces, homophobes, corrupted financial élites, far-right extremists... In a few words, everything Donald Trump had described as his enemies before becoming president and now thrives under the umbrella of the Republican Party with its champions in the Capitol Hill.

mag001_400_01Furthermore, while the conversation in USA now seems divided between the nightmarish anticipating dismissal of the Row vs. Wade case, - which will mark the beginning for a new strangle for women’s rights in USA - and guns’ control after the mass shooting in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas in reality these two, however serious and important, barely cover a deeply divided country looking for an excuse to ...clash.

I’m using the word ‘clash’ here, trying to be ...polite but looking at the whole thing – always from the other side of the Atlantic – it all reminds secondary school yard where the bullies are out for a fight. They don’t have any reasoning, they don’t need a reasoning; they just need an excuse to start hitting indiscriminately everybody who doesn’t belong to “their team”, indifferent to the physical damage they will cause to others or in long term to themselves when responsibilities will be decide. We all know the picture and we all have seen it, only in this case we are not talking about the school’s football hooligans but a fully, dangerously and definitely lethal armed mob.

Mob perhaps is the wrong word and it might suited them in their beginnings but now they have the support of one of the two big USA political parties, the Republican Party, and champions in the Capitol hill like, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, among – sadly – many others; they are not just mob anymore. They are a huge, genuine crowd and while most of their theories and “ideas” sound at least ridiculous to any sane person with minimum education the power of the Republican Party, and its regal representatives in the highest places of the nation – including the Supreme Court – give them a nonnegative legitimacy.

What they really want is a mystery even though trying somehow to understand from their very confusing bumbling they definitely want a renewed civil war just so the South can ...win! No logical excuse or explanation, just that. Even though occasionally you get as an excuse that the book and film “Gone with the wind”, portrayed ‘southern men’ as nice and kind Victorian style gentlemen while the women were kind and nice princesses with white skin and blue eyes quoting poetry all the time, all of them.

In the general spirit of the ...southern gentlemanship, they do not seem to agree with race equality, which also hints – they never make it very clear – that they expect the return of slavery. Of course women will have no rights including voting rights. They will return to their southern gentlemanship status as reproduction vessels. Their only contribution to life with dressing well and smile often to their husband’s jokes since housekeeping and any other physical work is for the slaves.

In addition to all that everybody will carry a gun – bazookas is still optional – and all differences will be solved with duels either in the sunset or the sunrise. California – the most hateful for every Republican place on earth – will cease to exist as a state and it will become a huge concentration camp that will host, liberals, socialists, gays, artists, atheists, definitely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Hillary Clinton, -dead or alive.

The president will serve for life and will always carry the title ‘Trump’, preferably be a member of the Trump family and inheritance will be only among relatives of the Trump clan. There will be all kinds of exports in fantastic prices and no imports at all while relationships with other nations will depend on how much they pay to enjoy USA’s friendship.

I could write far more, after all ...Hollywood can be a real inspiration when it comes to the ...southern gentlemanship fiction and fake cowboys stories and ...yes I’m fully aware how stupid it all sounds but ...this is the dangerous part, this crowd we were talking before, the crowd the Republican Party has now legitimise and represents, believes all these – directly or indirectly – and they are ready to start a ...civil war to make them true!

Next question now: how this side of the Atlantic will deal with a US civil war and the possibility of a distopian authoritarian and fascist America?

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