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Internal Revelations Internal Revelations
by Jan Sand
2022-06-10 08:47:41
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To re calibrate the innate,
Make it relate to the state
Wherein it becomes effected,
Requires the enterprise
That this inspires to energize
Those desires that can be
To make it plain,
It’s somewhat insane
To disdain the potentials
Of essentials we each possess.
No need to guess their existence.
Even slight persistence
In their exercise quickly reveals
Their ultimate appeals
To making deals.
Not all of us are Einsteins,
That’s obvious. Nevertheless
Why should each of us not fuss
To make our lives plus instead
Of morasses of drudgery?
Something less
Than a hundred years
Is too long to exist in fears,
Not long enough to dive
Into a life alive with energies
Of delight and wonder.
We each have lightning
And thunder. Each must reach
To thrust and wrestle with infinity
And when we die, as we must,
Feel we at least, gave it a try.



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