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by David Sparenberg
2022-05-14 07:54:34
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God is a constellation of ineffable mysteries. Among the mysteries are the two shadows of God – one interfacing with the other.

whi0001_400God casts the shadow of darkness. It is therein that evil doers among angels and men seek refuge from their own iniquities, finding no respite other than within the recesses of their iniquities.

God casts the shadow of light – the White Shadow. It is therein that children are brought into creation, innocent, with hunger, curiosity, and joy. It is therein that children play in wonderment, and saints are made to show the way, by simplicity and purity, to elevation, and to liberation of the soul.

There is a teaching, ancient and venerable, that like responds to like. Another, which is cosmic yet intimate and profound, places before us a dialogic truth: What is above mirrors what is below. What is below sets in motion what is above. What is above is the mirroring response to the condition below. Examine who you are and what you are doing and why you do what you do, what is suspect of wrongdoing in the sequestered soliloquies of your sanity.

Perhaps these precepts are only a formula for magic? But perhaps they are a touchstone for the prophetic promise of universal responsibility?

When the White Shadow, the shadow of Holy Light, prevails over the darkness cast by the cruelty of men, there will be peace in Heaven and peace on Earth.

There are major questions to be wrestled with in this pilgrimage life – questions such as why and why not, and the question of when.

The hovering White Dove is herself a shadow of the shadow of God’s light.


David Sparenberg is author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations On Eco Spirituality in the Earth Spirit Series. An international essayist and eco-poet, David teaches existential-ecosophy through his writing and lives in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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