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HEI Schools, the early childhood education concept brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix HEI Schools, the early childhood education concept brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2022-05-14 07:52:58
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HEI Schools, the early childhood education concept brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix

Concepting the Finnish daycare centre into a product that can be exported brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix of €15,000 to Helsinki International Schools.

Fennia Prize is one of Finland's most prominent design competitions. It is arranged by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in cooperation with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Elo. The competition awards companies and organisations that use design extensively in their business operations. This can become evident in many different ways through products, services or business concepts, for example.

HEI Schools is a concept based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. It was born in 2015 out of a joint idea by experts of the University of Helsinki and early childhood education. HEI Schools comprises a teaching curriculum (pedagogical contents and materials), teacher training, a facility concept and support for the local daycare operator. There are currently around twenty daycare centres operating under HEI Schools license and nearly 50 schools following its pedagogical contents across five continents. According to the prize jury, HEI Schools is a good example of social design where the use of design has increased diversity and children’s quality of life. HEI Schools is Finnish know-how and immaterial value export at its best.

"The Fennia Prizes are an excellent way to show the added value created by design and to demonstrate how companies utilise design in different ways in their business operations. For us in Design Forum Finland these awarded companies are concrete examples of how immaterial value from brand to customer experience and the various areas of design creates competitive edge." – Joakim Karske, CEO, Design Forum Finland

In addition to Fennia Prize Grand Prix, four Fennia Prize Winner prizes of €5,000 each are awarded. The receivers are Ponsse Oyj for the new Ponsse Scorpion's Future Cabin, Posti Group Oyj for its service renewal, Nokian Heavy Tyres Oy for Nokian Tyres Ground King with Intuitu™ smart tyres, and Myssyfarmi Oy for the Myssy concept.

The following nine companies receive a Fennia Prize Honourable Mention: Framery Oy (Framery One workspace), Genelec Oy (Genelec 6040R Smart Active Speaker), Hologic / Mobidiag Oy (Novodiag® System diagnostics platform), Isku-Yhtymä Oy (MyFlow furniture family), Kempower (Fast charging solution for electric vehicles), Mysoda Oy (Mysoda Woody water carbonator), Ponsia Oy (Contemporary art as part of design and architecture), Tablebed Oy (Tablebed – From table to bed in 10 seconds) and Vaisala Oyj (Indigo handheld instrument).

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office also gives out the IPR Excellence prize, €5,000 in total, for the commendable protection of intellectual property rights (IPR). In 2022 the prize is awarded to two companies, Genelec Oy for the protection of its model rights, patents and trademarks, and for Mysoda Oy for the protection of its trademark and model rights.

The members of the competition jury of 2022 were Hanna Länsivuori / Fennia, Anna Lauttamus-Kauppila / Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Julia Lohmann / Aalto University, Jamin Hu / Port 6, Petteri Lillberg / Demos Helsinki, Jesse Maula / Avidly and Joakim Karske / Design Forum Finland as the chairperson of the jury.

"This year, the Fennia Prize competition was again extremely high-level. Participating in the competition were really interesting projects where strategic design has been used to improve e.g. customer and user experience. I'm also happy for the fact that among the awarded companies we still have both well-known achievers in the Fennia Prize competition as well as new ones. For every entrepreneur and company, it pays to utilize design. It is simply a question of refining your product, process or service into a better one with design methods. In the core of design thinking lie agility and customer centricity: we strive for a better end result by understanding the user." – Hanna Länsivuori, Chief Digital Officer, Fennia

Fennia Prize 22 is a part of Design Forum Finland Awards, which also includes Design Forum Finland's other prizes, Kaj Franck Design Prize and Young Designer of the Year.

More information:
Design Forum Finland, Communications Specialist Anne Veinola
anne.veinola@designforum.fi, +358 40 548 6407

More information about the competition and all the awarded companies: www.designforum.fi/en/fenniaprize22

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