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The Age Of The Millennial The Age Of The Millennial
by Nikos Laios
2022-05-01 06:06:33
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In the west,
Millennials live
Fattened by the
Of food, sugar,
Booze, social media,
Ecstasy and cocaine,
But starved of any real
Human connection;
Starved of
The company
Of other people
And a true sense
Of community.

birth_of_a_galaxx_400They live
In a world
Of a poverty
Of the human spirit,
The third world
Of the soul
Where corpuscles,
Sinews, muscles
And Bones
Are fed by
Pizzas, kebabs,
Sushi, noodles
And five minute
Microwave meals
And Prozac
In dimly lit rooms
Accompanied by
The glow of television
Screens, mobile phones
And iPads with
Tattooed legs
Dangling over the
Edge of sofas,
Living for drunken
Drugged weekend
Sessions of electronic
Dance festivals.

The world,
Goat herders
Huddled in
Rustic huts
In villages
On the tundra
Listen to
Throat singing,
And Cretan shepherds
Dance with stomping
Black boots to the Lyra
On the slopes of Mount Ida
Over the Aegean Sea
On a cold winter’s day,
Argentinian Gauchos
Listen to mournful
Ballads around
Crackling campfires,
And Portuguese fisherman
With empty pockets
Sing along to soulful Fado
Songs in the cobblestone
Streets of poor towns.

To the billions
Around the world,
The reality of
Their existence
Was far removed
From that of the

The future
Of the west
Looked doomed,
For the Millennials
Would soon
Be in charge,
And the world
Would never
Be the same again,
For a new dark age
Was dawning;
A new poverty
Of the soul
And the mind.


With a digital painting from Nikos Laios


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