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The Coast The Coast
by Nikos Laios
2022-11-23 08:30:28
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A squall battered
The coast at night
And the trees branches
Brushed against
The cottages,
And the fishing boats
Were safely moored
In the bay.

the_beach_400Some of the wooden
Window shutters were
Loose and rhythmically
Flapped against the walls,
And the small rustic
Living rooms glowed
With warmth and everyone
Crowded around the fireplace
Warming their hands
And roasting chestnuts,
With their shadows
Playing against the walls,
And the rooms smelt
Of kerosene lamps.

It was winter,
And all the grandparents
Of this small fishing village
Were the star attractions,
And all the younger members
Of the families sat around
Them in semicircles listening
To stories that filled
Them with wonder.

That was long ago,
And the grandparents
Are long dead now.

Yet the memories
Of those simple
Rustic years remain
And warms my
Heart and soul
In these cold
Modern antiseptic


With a digital painting from Nikos Laios


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