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Year 2021 Year 2021
by Amir Khatib
2022-01-03 08:00:38
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The year passed quickly, its days were snatched by the lightness of a terrified wild animal, leaping from dull polar sunrise to sunset hidden behind mountains and forests, and my gift to myself at the beginning was that I made a wooden box and wrapped it in dark blue velvet to keep the first volume of my manuscript "Crystal Algeria", which I completed during the year 2020.  The days of that year were closed to themselves and to the drawing only, which ended up in a volume of one hundred and forty pages, the pages of which contained seventy drawings, adorning fifty-three hymns... I bought ornate hinges and a lock inscribed in bronze and locked it.

amiboa00001_400In the first days of this year I started working on the second volume, and I didn't move steps and stopped!  I was struck by the nostalgia for the colours and the scents of linseed oil and resin.  She devoted herself to making ten paintings, taking their subjects from the manuscript drawings, and until reaching the last stages of completion, she also stopped!  At that time, in the middle of the year, Abd al-Rahman Tahmazi published his poetic epic: “Exercise on Certainty,” which preoccupied me with its construction and deep existential knowledge, as well as its rare linguistic texture.  And before the days of this year ended, I wrapped it up and sent it to its creator, the poet Tahmazi.

On the sidelines of the painting days, I completed my collection of stories: "The Passion of Crows", which included twenty-five stories, and the General Egyptian Book Organization sponsored its publication, and this gesture was an Egyptian cultural award with distinction, whose cover was a gift from the poet Samir Darwish.

The departure of friends and creators hurt me who had a great impact in my life, but my only consolation is that I am loyal to them and continue my way and them, as millions of people have disappeared from life, most of them are poor, they have no fault but that they were coexisting with the pandemic by their nature far from the "gifts of capitalist civilization" Peace be upon their souls and the light of the universe.

I do not appreciate what awaits me at the juncture of the coming days, but I will go on without definite expectation or doubt of what is to come as I have been in my life, drawing and writing and seeing the eternal face of God every day.

  Art installation by Amir Khatib


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