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The clavicle The clavicle
by Amir Khatib
2022-05-02 06:19:01
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I play the clavicle,
 There is no comparison or comparison
 I roll the days,
 the feathers of the wings,
 As the eruption of the bone fits,
 I do not guarantee homogeneity
 does not match her gender,
 The clavicle
 Flea and it is another matter.

 two centuries ago,
 Veteran, they say!
 But I am restricted
 As death sees me.

 What to do on a river without memory,
 bottom betrayal,
 And dispel the shipwreck?
 Hulaku should have answered this
 before entering Islam!
 What comes after him has no weight in the graveyard.

 I touch my memory, it hurts me,
 Hey you,
 Where is the regret?
 To spray it with gunpowder and burn it.

 I had vain dreams,
 I lived without dreams,
 touch the time;
 As I touch a woman,
 feel the distance
 Between lust and death.


     Installation by Amir Khatib

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