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The Poets The Poets
by Nikos Laios
2021-10-24 08:17:10
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I wait
At a coastal
Railway station,
And there's a chill
In the wind
And I read the poetry
Of Dylan Thomas,
And Robert Frost,
And Seamus Heaney,
And I consider their words
And their rhythms,
And their humanity
And the journey
The poetry takes
Us on.

the_pilgrimage_02_400I read the poetry
Of Giorgos Seferis,
Yannis Ritsos,
And Odysseus Elytis
And I consider
Their ancient souls,
And their passion
And the gods
And the nymphs
That populated
The ancient Greek
And their fertile

Humanity is
Young and curious
And we look up at the stars
And reach for the past,
To our primordial origins
And our history
Preserved through
The pages of poetry.

I board the train
And it rattles up the coast
Hugging the clifftops
And I gaze out onto the
Wintry sea below
And consider my journey
And I take the torch
From them and write
Poetic words
Of my own.

When the
Time comes,
Who will read
My words?
And consider my soul,
And my humanity,
And my passion?

I write as
They wrote,
I feel as they did,
And I can see
It all before me.

For we are poets,
The sentinels
And gatekeepers
Of the world
Preserving for posterity
Its beauty and ugliness,
The profound and the eternal
For future generations.

Remember us,
For we are the poets
Of your imagination,
Your future,
Your present
And the past.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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