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Biden's Build Back Better Adversaries and Adversities Biden's Build Back Better Adversaries and Adversities
by Leah Sellers
2021-10-13 07:57:55
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If you live in Texas where the Texas legislature is continuing to take away Women’s Rights regarding their Decisions for their Bodies and their Lives while they also create Laws which will allow it to be easier and quicker for the Folks of Texas (and Folks from who knows where else) to buy Guns for the Aborting of Fully Incubated Humans by Unlicensed, Uncertified, and Untrained other Fully Incubated Humans with Guns, and thusly the Profiteers of Gun Running.
If you visit Texas, y’all will also notice that the Confederate Rebel Flags have been set aside and substituted for the Autocratic Trumpian Flags flippin’ and flappin’ off our American democracy at the Gateways of many Texas Ranches, Farms and Residences, while large, loud pick-up trucks with AR-14 Guns in their back window Gun wracks, also displaying the Autocratic Trumpian Flags, roar, rumble and grumble down Texas highways and byways with Trumpian Talibanish pride ! Yee-ha-ha-ha-ha !
bid00001_400Yep, in fact We the People need to take an Honest gander - an analytical Look and See at the events of January 6th, 2021, and the Republican Congressmen and women and their aides who supported Trump’s Insurrection and his Insurrectionists inside the Capitol, and who helped make that infamous and damaging day possible by using FOX Fake News and other Conspiracy and Social Sites as their megalithic Megaphones of Convergence.
Yep, it really was an Authoritarian Coup fueled by Greedy wanna-be Oligarchs, Corporate Empire supporters and stock holders all manipulating the Grievances, Hatreds and Fears of Dis-gruntled Citizens, some with honest beefs that many Middle Class and Poor Citizens have with now dysfunctional systems gradually and lawfully set up by the Rich and Powerful to take advantage of the considered Slavish Peasants, into para-military rage and violence, and directing them to attack the Capitol in the guise of a Peaceful Protest. Kook-Koo-ka-choo !
Insurrectionists who broke out windows, broke down doors and climbed walls like frenetic ants, hurt, maimed and murdered in order to get inside America’s Inner Sanctum !
And everyone’s upset about Afghanistan ?! Yes, rightfully so, but what’s one of the Primary Lessons of Afghanistan in relation to America’s flailing democracy ? The Afghani people never got the ultra Right Wing Authoritarian Taliban under diplomatic and cultural control or stayed the Taliban as a Movement within their very own cultural Bowels. They never evacuated their Toxins or Toxic Effects upon the Afghani population as a whole. And what’s the result ? A diaphoretic Mess !
When the Afghani Military and Citizens were faced with the corrupt and greedy Leadership in power and the Death Squads sportin’ Guns, Knives and Whips in Flag Flippin’ and Flappin’ trucks of the Taliban swooping down upon them, the Military and the Civilians, in order to survive, even in a Toxic Dystopia, gave up and gave into the dark, suffocating energies of the Taliban.
What is America now fighting for and over (aside from these very same types of Talibanic primitively ancient and dark energies) ? Well, for one, the Biden Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill.
And what is that Bill alliteratively striving for ? Affordable Housing for All, Controlling sky high Prescription Drug Costs, Expanding Medicare for All, Universal Child Care to help Women return to the Workforce and Self and Familial Sufficiency, Actions addressing Climate Change that help our Nation and the World, Child Tax Cuts to help Working Class and Poor Families, Provisions for Long-term Eldercare, Free Community College as an investment in America’s Young People and the Future.
Unfortunately, the Right Wing authoritarian Thinking Humpty, Dumpty Trumpty Republican Congressmen and women supporting the rising Trumpian Regime Machine don’t want any of this Bill to pass ! Alas !!!
In fact, McConnell and his nihilistic bunch of Republican Ya-hoos even took our Raising the National Debt Ceiling Standards to the Wall, sacrificing the American People’s (including their supporters) pensions, pay cheques, bank accounts, and over all abilities to survive economically in an already rigged For and By the Rich and Powerful Economic Systems
Oh yes, and keep an eyeball on the Corporate Empires like AT&T whose ONAC executives actively support the Authoritarian, Corporate Empire Trumpian Way.
AT&T is allowing Trumpian acolytes to gain and use the personal information of some of their democracy supporting clients in order to harass them on their phones and computers. Some will even go so far as to follow them around and harass them.
And perhaps We the People should Think twice about our proclivities toward what we regard as Conveniences. The push toward getting Real Money and Coin off of the Streets in order to replace it with blippin’, blinkin’ electronic numbers solely controlled by Banks and Corporate Empires who support the Authoritarian Trumpian Way should be given a second Look-and-See.
So, as Texas continues to abuse the Human Rights of Women while creating Laws that free up our statewide murder rates and Trumpian para-military groups to grow due to lack of any regulations, We the People are cogitating on whether or not to Filibuster the Filibuster so that the Democrats can fulfill their Promises to the American People ( even the Mis-guided, We don’t Believe in Science or Covid Trumpians Included) and the Enlightened and Compassionate Well Being of America as a whole Entity acting Wisely, Fairly and Justly within and upon our great and beauteous Planet, Earth.
Y’all, We Can Do and Be so much Better ! So, let’s pull Together and Build Back Better !

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