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A message to a widow A message to a widow
by Amir Khatib
2021-10-11 07:58:08
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 I am a lonely man worthy of you, madam,
 share your unit or double it,
 He puts you on your coat and arranges your collar, which you neglect every time,
 But because of the back pain,
 I can't bend over and take off your shoes
 In bed when we are both relaxed and put his palm under his head and remember what it was like,
 I can with my other hand,
 Unbutton your robe, "Dechamber" very patiently
 I am a straightforward man and I best understand before committing mistakes and sins,
 I honestly don't know when to take my hat off
 or raise it as nobles do,
 I can't dance
 I am ashamed of the mistakes of others, and they stomp on each other's feet
 I make no mistake, for I do not move from my place,
 I follow the dancers and dance with them in the air
 While my heavy arms are numb
 over your bare shoulder,
 And my mute hand in your veined palm
 You know, it's no worse than stepping, and I don't hate anything else.
 But, if we marry, I'll let you do it as we enter the house,
 This is the privilege of the only wife in our country.
 And I let you rub it for me while you sang apologizing for your weight
 I promised you understanding of everything;
 I have to hear jazz,
 From morning till morning,
 Most of the time, the live radio is still open
 I especially like the sad, loud trumpet
 I like aged cheeses.
 Spicy odor and pungent taste,
 When we are together I will take you to the Italian villages,
 There they make rare cheeses,
 We taste the old wine as sure of its years as you,
 And when you toast to my health,
 Look into my eyes, these are their traditions.
 And they say it gives confidence that you're lifting my glass
 Not a cup in your mind
 To be aware of our command and before our Lord;
 I don't go to church on Sunday,
 I have an important habit that I love to myself:
 cleaning and dyeing my shoes,
 I do it as follows;
 Put her out in the sun and let her breathe slowly,
 Good leather is sustained by rays and fresh air.
 Just as beings perpetuate,
 Do you know that the skin remains alive for eternity,
 With it off the body of the animal!
 And if you don't believe it, try burning it.
 It will first shrink like a burning hand,
 Then it becomes roasted, then charred, and then becomes ash
 I go back to my shoes, wipe them with a damp cotton cloth,
 Then dry it completely and apply the appropriate dyes
 let it dry for some time,
 You are then, watching me,
 Mining coffee and breakfast table from vegan pastries,
 And olives and thyme, and don't forget, as usual, pure honey and walnuts
 wave to you through the balcony glass,
 and send you a kiss in the air,
 I come back to brush my shoes,
 Then with a soft satin cloth,
 If necessary, sprinkle water on it.
 It helps the cloth glide over the smooth skin.
 Sunday evening, instead of church,
 I take you on a tour to stimulate blood circulation,
 Not for public parks, I resent them,
 People gather to share gossip
 "Do you like to gossip... ma'am?"
 Instead, I'll take you into the woods and run beside you,
 I'm flapping my arms like a broken-winged bird, and you're panting
 There I reveal to you one of my secrets;
 I show you a tree unlike any other in the world;
 Each leaf is unlike the other.
 All kinds of flowers bloom like a garden
 I wish you could climb to the top and see it with your own eyes
 In addition to all this,
 We have years ahead, which may not be enough to fully know
 Be well... lady


 Painting by Amir Khatib

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