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iBite ...snappy! iBite ...snappy!
by Theodore K. Nasos
2021-06-30 08:43:12
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* It Sure Sounds Like Ivanka Trump Lied Under Oath to Criminal Investigators
- Trump family doesn’t need any oaths to lie; they are doing comfortable anytime of the say under or over oath!

* Delta variant is forcing officials to rethink Covid-19 measures, even for the vaccinated
- It looks like that with every Greek letter dystopia is getting closer. Eighteen left!
- Or it is 'delta' for dystopia?

bit001_400* Half of Australia’s Population in Lockdown as Delta Spreads
- Ironically with Australians’ case …winter is here!

* ‘Republicans are defunding the police’: Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace, stumps congressman.
- Republicans have a history in defunding; they are doing so for decades on the poor people’s pockets, on the health system, on equality …

* France elections: Tough lessons for presidential rivals
- In Macron’s case it could also be called punishment but with Le Pen lets hope that it is one of these lessons that it will repeat itself again and again.

* Milos Zeman: Czech president calls transgender people 'disgusting'
- Please, do remind me the criteria demanded for the Czech Republic to become full EU member.

* Turkish police fired tear gas to disperse a crowd that gathered for a Pride parade in central Istanbul on Saturday, detaining some of those seeking to take part in an event banned by local authorities.
- Democracy, justice, equality is in tears in Turkey under authoritarian’s Erdogan regime. But the world acts only when the oppressor belongs to the …”other” side. You see, Erdogan is our own dictator, ally, member of NATO, candidate for EU. The dictator of our heart! In the meantime Turkish people are literally losing their hearts.

* U.K. wants to send asylum seekers to offshore centres after Denmark passes similar law.
- Let’s hope that Boris knows that Scotland and Northern Ireland are NOT considered offshore!

* Matt Hancock’s Kissing Scandal Threatens to Hurt Boris Johnson in Key Week.
- Sad thing for Boris, he was neither the kisser not the kissed!

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