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Finland's Sauna World Championships
by Ossi Arvela
2007-08-03 09:59:05
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The summer is here and so are the Sauna World Championships! The competition will be held 3rd and 4th of August. One hundred competitors from twenty different countries are arriving to Heinola, Finland to show who the toughest competitor of year is!

Water starts to boil at 100°C (212°F). Temperature at the official competition sauna is 110°C (230°F)! Is this normal? Healthy? Sane? Maybe the truth lies there somewhere between sane and insane. And the truth is that all the competitors are willing to compete once again and this certainly makes this happening the hottest competition on earth!

Sauna is not the Finnish national sport only of Finns, though you might feel that way. Recent years there have been very tough competitors coming to Heinola from Germany, Estonia, Russia and Belarus - Germany even have their own national competition. The national champions come to Heinola to compete with the best.

The official Löyly angel Jope is actually Finnish actor, singer, song writer and extremely popular comedian Jope Ruonansuu. He is the composer and performer of the sauna anthem: Welcome to sauna. There’s going to be a music video of the song and many TV-channels in Europe are going to show the video.

If you like going from one extreme to another, try cold therapy at the Rheumatism Foundation Hospital in Heinola. Treatment takes you to -110°C! Push your body to the limit. After this weekend you definitely feel alive!

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Paparella2007-08-03 11:08:28
A modest proposal: we ought to send the doping losers of the Tour de France to Heinola, naked and stripped of their jerseys, of course. There they would learn the naked truth: that sometimes in a strange tupsy turvy way, to win means to be the last naked man out.

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