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A dream A dream
by Amir Khatib
2021-06-07 09:19:17
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Came in a dream

 As if I count stars on a clothesline, I fold one in my basket and leave another wet with clouds.
 A fresh blue devouring the scene.
 Whenever I go to hunt a sky ... the fortune tellers chase me with cups.
 A torrent of maze.
 The dream begins to swim to spite loneliness.
 A blue linen rope and the eyes are sign,
 Transients pass,
 The sun passes.
 Night will prevail,
 Nightmares pile up on the corners.
 The elders of the night released their beards to sweep the morning dust.
 Virgins spend their virginity as vows to holy temples.
 Neighborhood - slaves, Mamelukes, eunuchs, choirs of weavers, drummers ...
 Copper takes refuge in them in order to ward off strife.
 As I climb the roof of my mud house, I hang my muskets on a retired electric wire, louder in the roof screen.
 My clothes are wet with soaking foxes ..
 Time seeps its foolish tongue
 And he wrote down my scandals.
 Incomparable red,
 He frequented the horizon with complete joy.
 He knows the tale from her blue to the ships of dawn.
 Where do I hang my clothes?
 My secrets are crafty blue

 Blue rope
 The sea is blue
 Blue dawn
 The water is colorless, tasteless and odorless.
 I will wet my certainty,
 And I squeeze the mazes on a rope from a clog.



The painting is Amir Khatib's creation.

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