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Usage Little By Little Usage Little By Little
by Saloni Kaul
2021-04-08 03:55:36
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Those were the tales you liked best as book by book
Invented by your mother SALONI KAUL
Rose right before your eyes, your fancy took
In measures both magnificent and tall.
Like icecap of globe’s polar far extremity
Contains ninety percent of world’s liquid in freeze,
One pliable tale holds suspended in perpetuity
Unmelting all that’s round the bend to slow release.      
For melting means all unimaginables let loose.
Would raise Sealevel by sixty metres they say!
So I tell and give little by little to use,
Melting in turn that then does freeze away.
Each has its round like batsman at the crease ,
Then rests awhile though on wafts the tale’s breeze.



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