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Easily Reigning Easily Reigning
by Saloni Kaul
2021-04-02 09:54:56
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Thick with invisible wild life’s strength forests teeming,
Pulsates immensity’s lush wilderness striate,
Like those who etched their wild’s beauty in the Dreaming
To let rainforests that skimp-thrive, luxuriate.
White possums glide, fruiteating Thornton Peak Melomys dart,
Shrike Thrush songs all lure tall Cassowary,
Antechinus, droll Dasyuroid, like quolls  dunnarts,
Midst pure palm stands, you test inhabitants of canopy.
On pea-green sunlit lawns the stately peacocks preen
While we applaud lunching in style at a bush ranch,
And flockloads of rainbow bee-eaters you charmed screen
As they dive, dance, tumble on casuarina branch.

In these lush tropics easily reign woods wee denizens,
To you Gold Bowerbird and Chowchilla make equal sense.
Today you and your good friends glued to your Ipods
Would root for thriving musky primitive wee macropods!



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