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Fin Elegy - Chapter 5: Jenny. Part 3 Fin Elegy - Chapter 5: Jenny. Part 3
by Christos Mouzeviris
2021-03-07 11:21:36
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Then, the entity got off the armchair and walked towards Doug. The two men were now standing close to each other, with Doug positioned in front of the window, and Fin leaning against the wall beside it, facing his companion as he avoided the light.

-I felt it Fin. Whatever is out there, it reached out to me. I sensed its warmth, energy and even love. It deemed very familiar. That is how death feels I wonder, or perhaps it was God?

-Doug, I cannot know what has just contacted you, I do not belong to the light. However, from my past experience with people, I can tell you that love never dies. It is carried with you when you pass, ready to be manifested in daily, random acts of kindness.

chapter_5__persephone_the_death_of_the_maiden_400“Remember when you blacked out that night, just meters from your own residence. You were so intoxicated, grieving the loss of your daughter. You entered a self-destructive mode once more after her death, pushing everyone away. Including Anne. But there was only one person in your mind constantly; Jenny,” said Fin, as the two men were looking intensely at each other now.

-That man who approached you at your most vulnerable, did not initially come to your assistance. His intentions were to rob you Doug, he wanted to harm you. He was a petty opportunistic criminal, and all he was seeking was your wallet.

Yet, once he saw the state you were, something took over him. He changed his mind. An unfamiliar sense of compassion filled his heart, originating from a warm sensation, similar to what you experienced just now. He lifted you up, carried you a few meters to your doorstep, and he tucked you in comfortably as he covered you with your jacket.

-I remember that night. I vaguely recall him though; however, I was always grateful that someone cared for me that night. It briefly restored my faith in humanity.

-It was not him that acted out of kindness Doug. Normally he would not care for a guy like you. The similar experience he had to yours, changed his mind. It was ultimately the love of your daughter. As you had her repeatedly in your thoughts for a considerable amount of time since her death, you connected with her energy and spirit.

As result, it was this that possessed that man’s heart, prompting him to act compassionately. Love is energy and can be transported, just as heat and light. Jenny’s essence saved you that night, you called out to her and she made a connection with you through another human’s body.

Doug broke down in tears once more, as his whole body was shaking with emotion. He supported himself by holding the window ledge, as he covered his face with his right palm. Fin was now becoming gradually transparent, as the thickness of his black clothing was being diluted.

The two men maintained their positions for a while, until Doug recovered from his mourning. He then looked back towards the star and smiled, with misted eyes. His heart was cleansed from all guilt, regret, anger, and pain, as it filled with love once more. In his mind, the image of his beloved daughter, that blue eyed, tall girl with curly, caramel blonde hair, rich lips, and warm smile, was being projected from his memory.

“Jenny found peace, Doug,” Fin interrupted with a calm, caring voice. “She naturally wished that she could live a bit longer, to experience more things, achieve and materialize her dreams, enjoy the life that she wanted. But ultimately, as she was dying, she desired to know that her parents and all who she loved, would be happy”.

-Humans cannot control the moment of their death, or the length of their lives. All you have command over, is how to spend your time on Earth. If you experience a contented and merry life, you will pass on fulfilled and death will not matter. Once you find your purpose and enjoy numerous experiences, your spirit will be enriched by them. And if you manage not to hold on to negative thoughts and sentiments, your soul will remain pure until your passing.

You will become these bright spirits you see in the sky, or angels as you call them. Your positive energy will join the universe and the divine being, shining down occasionally to act as inspiration for other humans. An enlightenment or any act of kindness, compassion and altruism are all originating from these stars you are viewing now. And your daughter is one of them. Their experiences and knowledge, wisdom and love, their purity is often passed on to the living in the way I described previously, guiding them, driving change, and influencing the next generations.

Still looking towards the night sky, Doug has failed to observe that Fin was slowly fading away. The dark entity’s form was increasingly being transformed, to resemble the man it came to cleanse his soul. The room they were both in, begun to crumble away piece by piece with deafening, crackling sounds, exposing them to the dark starry sky. The bed and all remaining furniture were being absorbed, by this destructive vortex.

Doug remained briefly calm, in a trance like state. He then turned to Fin and saw that his companion had become a mirror image of himself. They were both standing on a relative narrow piece of what remained of the floor, with parts of the wall, plus the whole window still intact.

The man panicked briefly, and fear returned to his heart. He looked around and saw that everything that he became familiar with during his dialogue with Fin, had gone. A black void existed now, where his room once was. A draft was circulating all around them, creating a loud, whistling sound.

Doug felt cold and dizzy again, as if he was standing somewhere at a high altitude. He latched with both hands tighter on the window ledge to level himself, as his legs bent slightly. “What is happening… Fin, is that still you,” he frightenedly asked as he was perplexed to see his own figure, standing opposite to him, where the dark entity used to be.

With the sound of Doug’s voice now, Fin placidly replied. “It is coming to an end my friend. What you see in me now, is your own self, relieved of all your burden. You did it. You allowed yourself to bring its darkness into the light. You engaged with your shadowy side, in search for your inner truth.”

-But I thought you were here to prepare me for the afterlife, I believed I was being lectured during my purgatory.

-No Doug. I was merely your own shadow, your vices, and passions, all the sentiments you could not let go, or dared to speak off and acknowledge. Finsternis is just a name you gave me, unearthed from your memories. It means “darkness” in the German language. You must have picked it up, during your romantic encounters with Martina, the girl from Berlin you used to date. Subconsciously you retained the word and applied it to your current experience.

“So, what happens now,” asks Doug with breaking, fearful voice.

-I do not know. But keep in mind all the conclusions you reached, during your own soul-searching with this process. If you return to your world, remember that human existence is sometimes an unbearable suffering. Your body is constantly bombarded with viruses and often self-inflicted trauma. While your soul is suffering from negative thoughts and emotions.

“To heal your body you resort in medication, but the same does not apply for your spirit; substances are actually numbing it, and you result being detached from your own self. That is a highly unnatural state of existence, a major imbalance which needs to be restored. To know oneself and its weaknesses, your dark side, regardless of which personal demons you will be required to tackle, is the sole remedy for the human psyche,” Fin explains.

“Remember all the lessons learned here Doug and try to apply their conclusions from now on. Jenny always wanted the old “you” back, that was her wish before she died. Try to stay in the light, abandon your guilt, be happy with all your experiences as you enrich your life with more. Embrace your true self and do not be afraid to falter, as long as you acknowledge your mistakes. Keep in mind that love is all you need, to connect with the divine and those who you care about, even if they are gone,” he said as he headed towards the edge of the floor.

The void now has grown so big and powerful, that started pulling Fin and the remaining parts of the chamber towards itself. The window glass smashed behind Doug with crashing sound, instantly turning into tiny crystals which headed towards the black hole, before disappearing with everything else material in it.

Fin briefly turned his head and he smiled, giving one last look at Doug, who was now levitating, as he was embraced by light. His spirit was filled with a serenity never before felt in his life, mixed with a dose of anguish of what was to come, plus sadness. He realized that he was parting with the dark entity, who has been his companion all this time.

“Fin?” He called hesitantly.

“No... Not yet,” his voice firmly replied from the diminishing now void.

A dazzling white light covered Doug’s eyes and he felt his own body weight again, as gravity was pulling him downwards, in a spiral commotion.


The painting: Persephone The Death of the Maiden that accompanies the text, is Christos Mouzeviris’ creation.


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