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Tasmania In Your Stride Tasmania In Your Stride
by Saloni Kaul
2021-02-20 09:28:27
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Those rivers way above all charted sound till viscidly they ran           
Their tough course plying thundering beneath;
What's high, what's low, what's up, what's down we scan,
In your stride little you grasp this whole heath.
Lakes hollow with eye could perhaps see traces lurk,
Cirque glaciers so long gone that did their imprints weave,
Like sculptor in time dexterously at work
That on hillsides his old carved monuments would leave.
Tall pendam palms waxed, incongruously sitting
Preside round these edges of Lake Tahune
And sway to winds which come that way loud singing
Through narrowed splits, gorges, abysses, their own tune.
With style you took it all in your wee stride,
As waters roaring grand went on their ride.


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