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Happy 2021 or 2020 - part II? Happy 2021 or 2020 - part II?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-01-01 10:07:05
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A year ago, in a very similar New Year’s editorial, I was talking about a difficult year ahead. The little I knew! I was worrying about the environment and the increasing fascism, discrimination and racism. The little I knew! I was talking about fake news and real dictators. The little I knew! I was reserved about a no-deal Brexit and the incoming US elections with an unbalanced Trump. The little I knew.

editor0002_400But then came CoViD-19 and nothing was the same. No, didn’t easy Trump’s unbalanced, didn’t stop discrimination and racism, didn’t help the environment or Brexit; CoViD-19 in a very human-made way amplified the fatal hit of a lethal pandemic.

83,247,114 cases worldwide while I’m writing this text, 1,815,893 dead. Unknown the number of carriers. The last few days vaccines started arriving to hospitals all around the world and people have started vaccination but deaths haven’t stopped. And they will not until everybody is vaccinated and with good logistic and a lot of human effort this might happen by the end of 2021. Till then, the little we know.

In the meantime discrimination, racism and prejudice continue putting obstacles to a much needed unity in front of a monster that doesn’t discriminate. A Trump who lost elections but makes sure that democracy also loses and in a not-so-nice-way the damage wouldn’t have been so big if his war against democracy hadn’t expand globally just like CoViD-19 but more cancerous.

Now we know that when Trump, Orbán or Erdogan talk about the good old days, they are talking about the days when the very few had all the wealth and riches while the rest was literally slavering in chains under their will and wishes. Populism and authoritarianism has won 2020 and as a result people have died. Thousands. Millions.

Oh yes, Brexit deal was signed the very last moment with Boris Johnson as a new Churchill celebrating on screen in front of junk food, somehow trying to show the tense of the moment. Rubbish! Literally. Any trade deal is worst than remaining as equal member in the biggest economic pact in the world. Period. The other part Johnson’s lackeys try to spin under a Churchillian victory signs, is the fact that the deal Boris signed is worst than the one May brought in front the parliament a year ago and Boris Johnson rejected. But for the British people …the little they know!

But the most amazing of all is the fact that all global hope for a better tomorrow is laying on the shoulders of an old 1980s-style conservative politician who managed to beat Donald Trump. All that during a pandemic that has killed in less than a year and till this moment 1,815,893 people!

In 2020 we lost and we lost in every single front. We lost to populism, to fake news, to conspiracy theories, to authoritarianism, to fascism, to racism, to prejudice, to inequality and discrimination. We lost which means that there is no time for wishful hopes. Its time to act.

2021 must be the year of return. The year we stand up and take what is ours. The right to dignity, to equality, to democracy, the right to a humanity in a planet that can live in harmony with nature.

2021 must be the year WE STAND and not 2020 part B.

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