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Dear Mother
by Mbizo Chirasha
2019-02-16 10:30:25
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I am the womb aborted in the Baghdads of grenades
I am a fetus suffocating in the mist of politricks
I am the archeology that you can study for your Ph.D.
I am the cemetery of unused minds

I am the tomb of spent bullet shells
I am the tombstone without inscriptions of the dead history
I can nibble poverty roasting my brothers and sisters

Mother Africa, your back is breaking under the burden of ancient humiliation
You fought deadly battles even in the absence ofman
You are the victim of darkness
See grime and dust for juvenile feeding
Grenades for infant toys
Listen to the cries and fight of struggles
To the song of the wind
To the sufferers who fed on grain despair
To the discord
Of second class citizens

Dear mother bring the flowers that I enjoy the sweetness of the revolution before sunset
Deny to rust in silence
Deny to dance in ignorance
Children of mother Africa, let us mouldly share from one plate
Of oneness
Contemplate history and see into the future, let us not read history, let's
Make history
Prepare for the odyssey of pan-African progress
Prepare for the dance offering so waited and germinate the seeds of African renaissance
The seeds of black flowers.

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Paparella2007-08-04 12:02:52
Umberto Eco said something similar to E.B.White regarding Truth: "some wish to see truth naked, at any cost, but truth is a very modest and well mannered maiden and eludes the curious voyeur." The curious voyeur is the one who usually makes a caricature of Truth, Beauty, the Good; he wishes to discover them scientifically, i.e., see them naked.

Chris2007-08-04 17:31:21
Africa has been weeping since time began. They say huamns started out in Africa. The poet speaks the song of the raven. This raven now wings the destinity of our planet. What was mother Africa is now Mother Earth. The torment of one is the torment of all. The poem sings to me.

Andrea Okoye2010-03-13 22:19:25
There is an addage that goes like these:the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the whole world. of course we are talking about an Africa women ,mothers are supreme and we all need to respect womanhood and anything contrary to these is violation of womanhood.The poet is a talented writer with a great vision.I am proud of you.

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