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Tribute to African Writers
by Mbizo Chirasha
2015-12-04 09:06:07
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For I wrote so long a letter to Mayombe and Anowa
That will marry when I want
For the beautiful ones are not yet born
While we wait for the rain

In the coming of the dry season
Behind the anthills of savannah
Milking the cows of Shambati, gathering good bits of wood,
And the fortunes of Wangarini, in that forests of a thousand demons
A sleep walking land, for things had fallen apart
We faced the wrath of the ancestors, bones and shadows
For it was not any easy walk to freedom
With farai girls, nehanda and the son of the soil,
In that long journey of popynongena, we met Matigari,
And the tycoon from Peter Maritzburg, and the poor Christ of Bomba
We saw the devil dangling on the cross and his blooming petals of blood
We had he arrows of God
We wanted to kill the mangy dog
In the river between was this a war of freedom?
Indaba my children
We sang the song of lawino and ocol
Walking down Second Avenue
Fighting to decolonize the minds of the people
We became the house of hunger
In the country of our own
The butterfly was burning
In the burning summer season, we never ate the grain of wheat
For we harvested thorns and nervous conditions
Cry my beloved country, country of my skull
For Nehanda still snores even after the struggle of Zimbabwe.


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LL2007-07-29 02:24:42
yeah - wow

Emmanuel Sigauke2007-08-22 11:06:56
Brilliant use of the titles of our landmark books in Africa. It is a strong statement about your respect for African literature, Chirasha, and it shows that you are part of the greats just as your words are. I enjoyed this.

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