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"Verbal Bomber"
by Mbizo Chirasha
2007-07-24 09:52:45
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My poetry sings of blood rookers sniffing blood in Kurdistan
My poetry sings of dagga smokers pulling mosques in Kurzstan
My mind is the investigator
My pen is the prosecutor
I am not a lunatic but I am a wittitactic
Soon will be rewarded not as a pan-Africanist but as a pan-lyricist

My mind is not blind
Is see Africa intoxicated with imperialistic herpes zoster-globalization
West Indies suffocating in political varricela zoste-mercenrism
Persia roasting in cauldrons of religious ancephalitis-deculturalization

My words are freedom sniffing
My poetry is democracy howling.

Republicans are wearing libertarian robes
Libertarians dressed in republican suits
Remember these are daughters and sons from the same seed
They germinate and ripe the same way like groundnuts and round nuts
Though coated in different cocoons

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Paparella2007-07-24 13:52:03
"God is the perfect poet."
--Robert Browning

Indeed, She says it all with one Word and the thinking and the making are one. in the beginning was the Word (John's Prologue)and everything that is was made through that Word. And the Word became flesh and the world did not understand it. Rationalists for whom poetry is just frosting on the cake, decorating words on paper, will scoff at such a notion, but that explains why they are not poets, just versifiers with no clue to the poetics of the universe.

timothy2010-04-12 01:31:39
time is telling

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