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There is Such Power in the Ability to Choose There is Such Power in the Ability to Choose
by Leah Sellers
2020-07-06 07:41:46
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Native American Snake Dancers seek out their Serpents, and while ceremoniously Dancing and Singing/Chanting amongst the roiling, coiling creatures are often Bitten - Poisoned.
As their Bodies, Minds and Souls sought Visions offering them deeper Understandings of themselves and their Lives as Individuals and within their Communities, they strove to Transmutate and Survive the Bite - the Poison.
choic0001_400If the Individual Bitten overcame the Serpent’s Poisoning they came back to ThemSelves and their Community Wiser, Stronger, a more Productive and Informed Human Being as a Whole, and of The Whole.
In the cultish Evangelical Snake Ritual Churches, the point of the Serpent Ceremony was much the same, but many Preachers and Snake Handlers cheated by milking the Poison from the Serpents before the Ritual was held before the Church.
When they were bitten by the Serpent/Devil the effects of the remaining Poison did not kill them, but would often sicken them close to Death’s Door. Knock-knock-knockin’-at-heaven-and-or-hell’s-door !
Perhaps it’s much like our milking - our diluting and ignoring parts of our very own American and Global Histories - our Oral and Written Traditions in order to Glorify our Past Actions and Non-Actions against those We Chose to make The downcast and outcast Other.
There is such Power in the Ability to Choose.
We Chose to omit critically teaching our Progeny about Slaves in Chains sold by their Village Chieftains to Arab Slave Traders who sold them to European Slave Traders who sold them to Masters who would use and often abuse them for endless labors beyond the Slave’s personal druthers or Choices.
Later the Arabs chose to trade in Black Skin for Black Crude Oil, and the Industrial Revolution created different forms of so-called Acceptable Slavery based upon the remaining and lingering effects/affects of Individual and Societal Poisonings.
We will not teach our Progeny about the trials and tribulations of the Trail of Tears or stolen lands and ravaged communities of those the Europeans and Buffalo Soldiers Chose to call Savages and Red Devils.
Name calling and labels can hold such misused and abused Power.
We will Choose not to teach our Progeny of the Micks and Chinks and Niggers and Poor Crackers who were primarily responsible for laying down of the Train Rails from East to West and North to South connecting all quadrants of America together for those who could afford to chug-a-lug across the vast beauty of her continental Whiteman-made boundaries.
Will our progeny know that Black Men got the Right to Vote before Women of all skin colorings did, because they were Men ?
Will they be told of the Women who were abandoned, divorced, vilified, jailed, beaten and even beaten to death for Protesting and Speaking out about their Right to Choose who led their Cities, States and Country too, through their Vote ?
Women who did not want to be classified as a Man’s Property. Who wanted a Life of more Choice in which they had more of a Voice and Sway.
There is such Power in the Ability to Choose.
Yes, the Serpent bitten Evangelicals would seek Visions of Purpose and Deeper Life Meanings and Journeys while battling the Satanic Energies of the Serpents bite, while teaching their Progeny of Eve’s Original Sin of Intelligent Curiosity.
Apple Trees are such lovely forms of flora for all kinds of fauna.
How dare Eve want to Know about and Understand the Fruits from the Tree of Life in Eden’s Garden. How dare She be Curiously Intelligent, and then Choose to Share those Fruits with her partner Adam.
How dare She !
Perhaps, the real Question should be Why would a Loving and All Knowing Patriarch not want Her to be Curiously Intelligent enough to Seek out Knowledge of Life ? God did create the Life forms Eve and Adam, after all (sigh - and Oh my).
Is God limitless or culturally limiting ? Perhaps, that’s one Apple too many to explore ?
Yes, Sin bites Us All. Poisons Us All from time to time.
As we struggle to Survive those Poisonings our Bodies, Minds and Souls can Choose to Transmute those destructive, harmful and damaging Life Destroying Energies into Life Sustaining and Maintaining Energies of Enlightened Growth toward deeper Wisdom, Understanding, Justice and Compassionate Balances within our Lives and the Life of our Communities, if we do not succumb to the Poisons. Submit to the Poisons. Choose to BeCome Poisoning Serpents OurSelves.
There is such Power in the Ability to Choose.
Racism is a Poison.
Sexism is a Poison.
Classism is a Poison.
Violence of every and any kind is a Poison.
Hatred of every and any kind is a Poison.
Fear of Difference of every and any kind is a Poison.
At present, America is writhing in pain and turmoil with her UnAttended to Poisonings due to the highly contagious, and all too often deadly, Corona Virus, Covid-19. Another type of Individual and Communal Poisoning, forcing Americans to slow down, change habits and daily rituals, semi-isolate and socially distance ThemSelves, for the most part, from those they Love and Others in order to stay Safe.
This time of Change has brought about a Time of Individual and Communal Reflection, and getting to Know OneSelf more deeply.
Some Folks are uneasy with this Time of Reflection, while others are Choosing Transmutation toward their Higher Selves and States of Being and Doing, and wanting the same for the Communities they live within.
Black Lives Matter.
Defunding Militarizing Our Communities Police into Warriors rather than Guardians because it Matters.
Why do we need military weapons and tanks running up and down our City streets and Country roads ? Whose Nightmare Vision of Control are we responding to ? Giving into ? Giving away our true Choices of how to sustain and maintain Peace and Safety to ?
Yes, thanks to Covid-19, We the People have been forcefully Bitten by the Serpent. We can seek Self Enlightening Visions of Who and What we truly want to Be and Do with our Lives and within our Lives or we can Choose to succumb to the Poison, and allow our Baser, more Bestial, destructively Sinful Natures to reign supreme.
There is such Power in the Ability to Choose.
The Trumpian Regime does not have to Choose the Racist, Sexist, Classism, Violent, Hateful and Fear inducing policies of ancient re-re-re-re-re-re-cycled Poisonings doled out by endless lists of Autocrats, Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Dictators and the like for Control over the Masses they think exist only to Serve them.
Whew ! Thank heavens for Democracies and their Principles regarding Freedom of Choice, Justice, and Equal Opportunities underpinned by Fair and Just Laws and Order.
Democracies, unlike Autocracies, Oligarchies, Plutocracies and Dictatorships and the like, because of these principles are far more fluid, flexible and malleable. Democracies are where most of our greatest movements over time, and with much effort from those impassioned by these Ideals, have succeeded regarding Societal Transformations.
Transmutation of our Individual and Societal Poisonings can lead us toward continued Transformations of overall Higher States of Being and Doing, if We so Choose.
There is such Power in the Ability to Choose.


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