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Senses All On Senses All On
by Saloni Kaul
2020-07-05 09:14:18
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Strain your ears to hear the song of the wind,
Your eyes focus to see landscapes pictured in the sky;

Breathe in deep to smell the zest through lemon rind

Touch needle-sharp to sense mysteries where they lie.

Your voice soften so it tells of all these

Like brooks the dreams of mount glaciers at height;

And when fitting raise it to sound loud as you please,

As the roar of the sea echoes all of day at night.

How these accumulations of vision

Of that heard long and sensed even longer

Work on our mind and spirit like story collections

That lead readers through a myriad worlds dispenser !

Alive to all this, each year (as you older grow) of yours gold ore

Conveys like cumulative interest the best of years before.



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