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Eureka !!! Eureka !!!
by Leah Sellers
2020-06-25 08:16:22
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Eureka !!!
Behold ! The energetic Explosiveness of a
Great Idea !
The Energetic Inspirational and Aspirational
Electro-Magnetic flow and surge
Of an Idea
eure001_400As it touches and charges through each
Mind, Heart, Body and soul it is Exposed to
And Absorbed by 9 (or expelled by)
An Idea conjures and moves Individuals,
Tribes, and World Cultures
Toward Innovation and Ingenuity
Toward the Wheel
The Wagon Wheel
The Water Wheel
The Grist Mill Wheel
The Wind Mill
The Spinning Wheel
The Cotton Gin
The Combustible Engine
Manned (and Womanized) Spaceships
The Telegraph
The Telephone
The Radio
The Television
The Satellites
The Computers
The Nano-bots, Auto-bots, Ro-bots……..
Great Ideas Create Our Perceptions and
Impressions of the Internal and External
Worlds within Us and around Us.
At times, They can even supercede and
Overcome our Environments
Great Ideas Move Us toward other Ideas -
Those We embrace and those We Choose to
Discard or place on hold
We cling to Ideas and Seek other Ideas
Throughout Our Lifetime to Prove
Them out, and/or make Them a more
Meaningful and Deeper part of Ourselves
And the Selves We want to Be
We long to Be
or are afraid to be Touched
and Moved toward Divinity by a Great Idea
No Money can buy an Individual’s Great Idea
The Great Idea came before the Invention
And Innovation of Money
Money is itSelf an Idea Breathed to Life and
Use by the Inspired and Activated Mind
A Great Idea Walks with You
Creating some parts of You
Destroying other parts of You
With every Step you take
Making you Brighter, Bolder, more
Courageous, Adventurously Experimental
And Alchemical, Productive and Awakened
Forming You
Completing You
Constantly Re-Minding You
Of Who You Really Are
Who You Truly Are
Flaws and scars BeCome the nutritional
Fertilizer and Life’s Lessons
Leading to Your Growth Walk
Toward and With the Idea Energizing
What is Best
What is Most Inspirational
What is Highest within You
Great Ideas give Birth to and outlast
World Leaders, Governments, Religions, Laws
Institutions, Bureaucracies, Economies
And Individual and Collective prejudices,
Bigotries, pettiness, selfishness,
Vanities, greediness and short-sightedness
Nothing is more Energetically Powerful
Than a Great Idea
Which Resonates throughout and
Evolutionarily Permeates the Ages
Behold ! The Energetic Explosiveness -
The Genesis
Of a Great Idea !
Eureka !!!


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