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The Golden Divine The Golden Divine
by Nikos Laios
2020-06-24 08:16:37
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The day illuminated
The golden divine
Through swaying
Wheat-fields, and
Reeds rustling in
The breeze like
A wave.

city_in_a_rainy_night_400As the boats
Bobbed in the
Purple waves
Like corks
With the sky
Washed orange
By the sun breaking
Over the horizon like
An egg yoke falling into
The sea, with darkened shadows
Slowly spreading across the shore.

The cracked shells
And fragments gently
Floating down among the
Leathery green fingers
In the whispering waves
Mingling with fragrant
Jasmine and thyme;
Bent with the breeze
Crumbling out of 
Flowerpots from
Balconies over
Cliff tops.

The scent of lemon-trees
And violets infusing the air
With their silent hallelujahs,
Shinning the infinite possibility
Of tomorrow, luminous and light:
As the dying yellow beams of
Sunlight streamed through
The arching green
Branches like
A cathedral.

I have heard the angels sing,
I have heard the bells ring;
I have read the rhythms and sonnets.
And nature's secret promise;
Each day illuminating
The golden divine.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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