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Encounter Encounter
by David Sparenberg
2020-06-27 07:49:05
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If pure light
casts a shadow
what is the nature
of that shadow?
Is that shadow
not white?
How can light be dark?

eag001_400If complete silence
emits sound, modulates
into a word
what is the nature
of that sound
what is that word
out of wordlessness?
From where
does the voice of silence
come?  What meaning
in the possible, is spoken?

If out of what is not
visible the invisible becomes
visible, what is the nature
of that vision?
How does a person
differentiate dream
from revelation?

How, under heaven
do you articulate
the ineffable?
What is the nature
of that impression impressed
not only onto the
clay of memory, but into
the hypersensitive depth
at center of the soul?

How do you say to another,
“Out of the Open, as
if out of nothing
there came upon me…?
An event happened!”

Now, as if timeless in
this moment we
stand and quiver in
embrace of one another.
Something is alive between us!
The heaviness of breathing.


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