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Stylistics all on each spree Stylistics all on each spree
by Saloni Kaul
2020-05-19 07:35:07
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Whales throw their tails so high up in the air,
Regardless of who's whale-watching perform antics;
Eagles patrol the skies, circle handsomely as they stare
Indifferent to your interest in their tactics;
So unlike those who with falsehood effuse,
To gain cheap popularity even start a coup,
'Bout anything to earn attention and amuse
And make it somehow to the ranks of who's who;
We that are wise and sensitive see through all this,
Like plots nipped in the bud by those few in the knowing,
At times ignore, at times curtail contents of chalice
And quietly make amends, smoothen the rough-going.
Remember, highflyers don't push their way to the forefront.
It's style that gets you there without affront.



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