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Lightbulb Moments: III Lightbulb Moments: III
by Neil Leadbeater
2023-02-26 09:36:12
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Priestley discovering the composition of atmosphere
and Toricelli’s invention of the barometer
was a 60 watt lightbulb moment.
Souberran’s discovery of chloroform
and Count Berthollet announcing the laws of chemical affinity
was a LED filament long life lightbulb moment.
Finsen’s invention of the Ultra-Violet Lamp
and Millikan’s exploration of cosmic radiation
was a halogen linear instant full light
240 watt lightbulb moment.
Roger Bacon discovering the properties of the magnifying glass
and Alfred Nobel discovering dynamite
was a GLS BC/B22 Opal Energizer
lightbulb moment.
This poem is a white wax sentinel night light
with eight hours to burn.



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