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Where Are the Colors of Time? Where Are the Colors of Time?
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-11-25 08:25:09
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Where are the colors of time,
Do they hide in the opaque islands,
Floating in our white crowded sky?
Can we dare imagine,
To believe that they are real?

tim01_400Why not, if upon the sun’s last kiss
Over the uneven horizon,
A Kaleidoscope spun my eyes
Into the dark folds of night,
And I gazed upon sorcery
When the moon appeared full.

Yet near the edge of a healing pool,
A disturbance echoes from the past,
Its shadowy sins ripple within,
Tears stream guilt along my face,
A distortion stretches into betrayal.

My heart seeks an acquaintance
With an aura of human perfume;
Shouldn’t I be able to see, and hear,
The ghosts of forefathers in tune,
Pardoning us, our need to hide?

Alas, there is no emancipation
From the penance of our sad whims;
We run this race with blinders
Until the colors run out of time,
Wherever they are inclined to be.

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