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A Speech to End All Speeches ! A Speech to End All Speeches !
by Leah Sellers
2020-03-21 10:19:50
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In a Coronaviral Worldwide Nightmare somewhere in
the seemingly UnImpossible all too near Present and Future…….

“Yeah, that’s just what I told that pushy broad of a Nurse, when she complained about all of the Hospital Workers not having all of the Personal Protective Gear and Equipment they needed like Masks,” Trumpty recounted dourly. “I looked at her, and gave her one of my famous challenging grins and asked her, ‘You wearing a Bra’ ?”

“She looked at me as if I were crazy. So then I said, ‘I suggest you take your Bra off, and cut the Cups out of it. That’ll give you Two Masks to wear for the rest of the week, until America’s late ordered and late arriving Medical Supplies can get to all of the Hospitals. And if you need a Face Shield, just pull your underwear over your head !’ Then I told her, ‘Now, stop whining, and get to work before I fire you without pay‘.”

trumcor0001_400”Ahem, that’s great, Boss. Boy, oh Boy you put her in her place, alright,” Pence said woodenly.

“Now, Mikey, I need you to listen to my latest speech. Grab a chair, and get ready for the Winner you’re about to hear.”

“Yes, sir, can’t wait, sir,” Pence said as he put his chair in the exact spot King Trumpty was pointing at on the floor.

“Alright, here it goes.” KIng Trumpty announced proudly.

“My fellow Americans, by Divine Rightful Order, I, King Trumpty, mandate that you must stand 6 feet apart at all times. You must Separate yourself from Others as we Come Together to Unite against a Common Enemy -
The Bataronavirus !”

“Yes, our fine furry friends are the fiendish fiends who have inflicted You - All of You with this heinous Invisible Fee-Fie-Foe !”

“Yes, I know they are some of the World’s primary Pollinators. Just like the Butterflies and Bees we are busy eradicating from the Flowers and Trees of our Planetary Home with our arrogant Carelessness and Money-Making Poisons, and Urban Sprawl, y’all. But they must go !”

“Trumpty hid his mouth behind his hand and whispered toward Pence, “I added the ‘Y’all’ to draw in the Texas Oil donors. Pretty slick, huh.” Trumpty winked and cleared his throat.

“As I was saying, Yes, Bats ! And their dastardly virus must go ! Bats are Your worst Enemies ! And they have Slanty Eyes, because they’re Chinese Bats ! Yes, Kung Fu Flying Machines that have gone Viral !”

Pence also cleared his throat and said very carefully, “But sir, that sounds Racist and castigatingly War Mongering. The Animal Rights and PETA folks will be in an uproar. They’ll say you are trying to drum up an all out War on China and their Bats.”

“Exactly, Mikey, It’ll make a great Distraction Attraction from everything I’ve done wrong or just not cared enough to do at all, and will give the militarily armed American Sheeple something to shoot at other than me ! It’s Genius ! Now, shut up, and let me finish, would you,” Trumpty ordered.

“We must take to the streets - 6 feet apart that is, and in Crowds no larger than ten people - and take to the skies - but please, don’t sneeze or wheeze if you please, because Contagions drip and drop like Viral Bombs with ease !”

“And we just don’t have enough Healthy Health Workers and Staff to handle the so far nonexistent Tests, Ventilators and Labs that we really need to even half way deal with the Viral Tsunami heading our way ! But, have no Fear, because The Donald is here ! And I am a Winner !”

“Yes, I, King Trumpty, have erected a War Machine that will hit Them - the Other - like a Mighty Wall !”

“I, the Bone Spur Rattlin’ Rich Boy King, have always wanted to command Soldiers and push Ships and Tanks and Guns and Bombs around the World as I please ! Down with slanty-eyed Bats ! Down with the Chinese !”

“And don’t worry about the Bataronavirus Recession we’re already in or the Second Great Depression we’ll be in if “Ole Mitch and His, and My, Republican Senate continue to refuse to Behave, and persist in grousing around in its usual stupidly UnEnlightened and UnEmpathetic Ways !”

“I, Trumpty, have been their Great King for quite some time now, thanks to my MAGA capped Fans and Wealthy Mired-in-Sludgo Country Clubbed Friends. And they are All following My lead, and distracting Smoke-and-Mirrors Bling-a-ling-a-ling !”

“Let All the Bells I’m Clanging, Clang-a-lang-a-lang ! While of my Great SelfHood, I, Sang-a-lang-a-lang !”

“Well, what do you, think, Mikey ? Is that not an uplifting and enthusiastic Speech to End All Speeches ?!”

“Indeed, it is, Sire. Indeed, it is,” Pence winced with unfocused and baleful eyes.


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