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Clarifications on Iran Clarifications on Iran
by Joseph Gatt
2020-03-21 10:18:28
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Information about Iran that you might find useful.

-In military affairs, it's never just about military capability. I know the French and Germans and East Asians tend to view variables as independent, rather than look at the entire picture. For example in France or Korea, beauty is an independent variable from intellect. If you're pretty, doesn't matter if you're a moron or a drug dealer, you will be admired in France and Korea, because beauty tends to be an independent variable from character.

ira0001_400-However, we Americans and Israelis look at variables that we believe are completely dependent, and one good or neutral variable does not excuse two negative variables. In the beauty example, in the US or Israel, you can be a bombshell, but if you have an ugly character, you're not excused.

-So for us Americans and Israelis, politics, ideology, the military and the economy are four interrelated and completely dependent variables.

-Iranians want precision weapons and nuclear weapons. Iranians want to stockpile weapons to engage in a form of Jihad from the Middle Ages. That is Iran wants to build the kind of army that will finish the prophet's work, that is fight wars to conquer Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Baha'i, Druze, and other “kafeer” (non-believer) lands and convert them to Islam. That is their ideology.

-If that weren't enough, Iran wants to use its population of 80 million and its vast natural resources to make money to fund the new Jihad. Again, that Jihad will finish the conquest wars of the 7th to 12th centuries, by fighting the rest of the non-Muslim world, force the non-Muslim world to give up land, and either convert to Islam or live under Islamic law.

-By engaging with Iran, you are not only funding a regime that wants to use the money you're giving them to conquer your land and convert your people to Islam. You are also punishing the Iranian youth, whose youth has been stolen, as unemployment rates are incredibly high, poverty rates are incredibly high, and the youth has no future prospects in the country.

-I invite you to go ahead and chat with Iranians online, anonymously. I do that sometimes. They are, mostly, disgusted by their country and their economic situation. No work, no housing, no dating, no marriage prospects, no opportunity to make money, no leisure activities, and the burden of living such a chaotic life with dependents and family members. They mostly want to get the hell out of Iran, where they can work, have fun, get married and all that.

-So by funding Iran, you're giving a drunk a drink. You're giving a terrorist a gun. You're not mailing the gun to the terrorist, you're handing the gun to the terrorist in your presence.

-To sum up, ideology, military, political and economic affairs are not independent variables. A pretty drug dealer is pretty, but is also an outlaw. Iran is oil rich, metal rich, but that does not excuse their military affairs.

-So my call on you is this: don't separate the economy from military affairs. Don't have that mentality where you say “my minister of the economy deals with the economy with Iran, and my minister of defense deals with defense issues with Iran, and those two ministers and ministries should never consult on anything and should deal with Iranian issues separately.” That mentality is wrong.

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