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Children Of The Stars Children Of The Stars
by Nikos Laios
2020-03-04 09:04:49
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Every act
Of love is life,
Every act of kindness
Affirms our humanity,
Every act of cruelty
Betrays our soul.

statchild_400We live
In communion
With all living things,
We are not alone
And the earth

It remembers
All life that has
Emerged from its womb,
It remembers the history
Of all living things
And every act of life
And history yet to come.

Do not betray love,
Do not betray hope,
Do not betray
The earth
By falling into
Petty things.

We are all
Children of the stars
And the earth that once
Emerged from cosmic
Start dust like
Seeds that planted
Life in the universe,
And we grew.

Do not raise
Your voice,
Do not raise
Your hand,
A knife or a gun,
Look up at the stars;
Do you see them
Floating up there
In the darkness
Of night?

We have stardust
In our veins!
We have the gift
Of life flowing
In our blood,
A precious

The mountains,
The rivers,
The oceans,
The teeming
Life across
The earth;
We are all
We all spring
From the same
Star stuff,
Remember this,
Remember now,
For we will never
Be here again.

We are all
Children of
The stars.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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