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The Silent Scream The Silent Scream
by Nikos Laios
2020-02-06 10:13:31
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I woke up
In a corner
Of a dark room
In a cold sweat
sentries_of_the_soul_400Clinging to bedsheets
And I felt my mouth
Sewn shut with metal wire.

The window shutters
Flapped against the wall
In the cold wind
And it was pitch black outside,
And I could hear the wolves howl
And fill the silence of the forest
And I felt a growing fear rush through me
Like electricity, and I fell out of the bed
Desperately clawing at my sewn mouth;
And the panic rose and the wolves howled
In the blackness of night as I clung to sweaty
Bedsheets in a small cabin in the middle
Of the forest of a mountain wilderness,
And I felt a silent scream build up
In my chest and well up in my throat
Desperately trying to escape my
Closed mouth, but it could
Not escape.

Then the cock crowed,
And the morning light streamed
Through the window shutters
And I could smell the green
Aromatic fir trees
And hear the birds sing,
And I woke up out of bed drenched
In a sweat and realised it was all
Just a nightmare , and I opened
My mouth and with a sweet release
I howled my silent scream.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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